Wondertwin Power: Michael Pollan and Nancy Duarte

There is a shortage of phenomenal presentations in the world.

A phenomenal presentation is a combination of parts which rarely even appear by themselves – a great speaker, presentation material, expertise, appropriate props and audience engagement.  The importance of topic appears way down the list – great presentations transcend that.

Nancy Duarte helps people make great presentations.  She works with some of the world’s best.  Al Gore’s inconvenient Truth was prepared by her (and her team) as were a chunk of TED Presentations.

Nancy writes about including S.T.A.R. moments (Something They WIll Always Remember) in your presentations.  She worked with food advocate Pollan to develop a recent speech for POP!TECH (similar to TED – their differentiator is that they try to push their impact beyond the presentation by fostering collaborations to create world change).

Doug Neff, from the Duarte team, wrote about the experience of working with Pollan here.  There are some practical takeaways for presenters and presentation makers in that article.

To see the actual presentation (great food for thought), check it out below (less than 20 minutes and will likely pull you in during the first 60 seconds):

[vodpod id=Video.2510101&w=425&h=350&fv=]

ANy other favourite food presentations out there – or am I just that odd?


  1. great minds must think alike joel because i woke up this morning with the intent on posting about food rules and michael pollan. THIS message needs to be heard, i’m nabbing this video! thanks!

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