What would you name your fishing boat?

On our recent trip to the maratimes I gathered photos of some of the local fishing boats (boats which are often used for lobster and crab and sometimes for pleasure).

I thought it would be a fun Sunday post to challenge you to come up with a name for your imaginary (or perhaps real) fishing boat.  Many of the ones below are named after family members (my favourite is the first picture which belongs to a family friend named Guy – he is married and has daughters)…

What would you name your fishing boat?

What would you name your fishing boat?

Tonight, I`d have to go with `Joan of Arc.`  For starters, she`s a noble woman.  I know Dana would make a great icon for the boat to match it.  And, after all, it is my Grandmother`s awesome name (technically Jeanne DÀrc – just as was the real Joan).


  1. Ms. Shorty says:

    Seeing as I am a Wiener dog I would have to go with:


    Just about says everything about my boat that needs saying.

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