What to Do With Fermented Hot Pepper Seeds?

We’ve just pulled our last batch of fermented hot peppers (for 2012) out from the crock.  I kept them whole (we have almost a dozen types of homemade hot sauce in the house) and had a lot of leftover brine.

I really had no use for the brine (or room to store it) and decided to drain it out.  I used to drain it directly down the sink and I would often be amazed by how many seeds went ‘down the drain’.  Here’s the pile from last night:

What to Do With Fermented Hot Pepper Seeds? Pepper (Hot) October Hot Pepper

I used to add these back to my hot sauce (which already has plenty of seeds) but I’ve found that I prefer to dehydrate them.  They still have a lot of heat and not a lot of the sourness that comes with fermenting.

The seeds dry in 18-24 hours in the dehydration and can be used just as you would use chili flakes.  They can be added to sauces, pasta or even baked into things (like a spicy cornbread).

The only downside?  Hot peppers can make breathing a little awkward for the first few hours they’re in the dehydrator (I would do these outside if I had the option).

What do you do with Hot Pepper Seeds?

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