What does your coffee cup say about you?

We were at the cabin in the spring and Dana took a bunch of photos of coffee cups that have accumulated over the years.  Most came from unknown sources and have been left behind from different guests.

What does your coffee cup say about you?

What does your coffee cup say about you?

What is the story of your favorite coffee cup?  What saying would you put on a cup of you could?


  1. My favourite mug is the one I’ve bought during my most recent trip to Picton, Ontario.

    My partner and I go there once a year, usually in October, to visit the annual Scenes of the Sandbanks event, in which one of our friends shows her photography. Afterwards, a stroll down main street always includes a stop at the secondhand shop at the end of the street, where every year I buy a mug. For some reason I gravitate towards pottery with a flower motif — the only “flowery” mugs we own are the ones from this shop.

    My choosing a new/old mug has become part of our weekend tradition, and I look forward to it as much as I do the art show and the cozy two-night stay in our rental cottage with the wood-burning stove. That mug will be my favourite until the next year’s comes along.

    If I had to put a saying on a mug, though, perhaps I’d go with a philosophical line (I use the phrase loosely!) from my favourite Coen Bros. film, The Big Lebowski: “The Dude abides.”

    Cheers, Joel — fun post!

  2. Mine would say “Rock Steady”.

    It’s the name/lyric from a No Doubt song, but I’ve always really liked it. Kinda of a reminder to me to keep grooving along at a nice pace.

  3. Good post! I’d get a mug for my husband that says ‘Pedant’ – because he is and life is so much fun. Makes me wonder what I’d (or he’d, for that matter) put on my mug =). Everytime I’d see him use the mug, I’d smile.

  4. Irene again: Further to my last comment, I mentioned to my husband about the mugs…. he tells me the mug for me would be “Obtuse” (!!). I think we may have to commission these. Heehee


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