WellPreserved On-Demand: What to do with Pickles

Our latest question asked us for cooking ideas for pickles (of all kinds).  I love to use them in imaginative ways (and sometimes the ideas are so obvious we missed them for years). 

 Here’s 10 ideas:

  1. Make relish on-demand.  Chop up the pickled veg to create a ‘custom’ relish to go with your meal.  Bonus tip: add mayo and make tartar sauce.
  2. Add pieces to a salad (I forget this often).
  3. Use the brine in your salad dressings.
  4. Use the brine/ pickles in a stir fry (the acid is a great touch)
  5. A small bit of brine can be added to spaghetti sauce (I wouldn’t use dill pickle brine for this but a brine from spicy carrots or pickled onions is awesome).
  6. Pickled veg or brine can be added to soups.
  7. Augment salsa with chopped bits of pickles (i.e. pickled onions or garlic).
  8. Add to sandwiches
  9. If your pickle was fermented (i.e. sauer kraut), you can drink the brine (its extremeley healthy) and many cultures use it as a health elixir.
  10. Pickles make great accessories to alcohol.

What would you add to the list?

The on-demand series of articles came from topics that users have suggested. We love your questions/ ideas/ requests and will do our best to answer them in this series of posts – feel free to add your ideas in the comments below!


  1. Totally agree with #2 but more specifically, potato or egg salad! Egg salad enhanced with pickles makes the best sandwich filling. :)

  2. We appreciate the brine more than the pickles in our house! My mom makes a seven day sweet pickle from the Mennonite Community Cookbook and we steal jars when we are home. The toddler eats the pickles (which he adorably calls “bubbles”) and my husband and I put the brine in egg salad, tuna salad, deviled eggs, potato salad, sauces, etc.

  3. We use pickles for all sort of stuff, Pickles in hamburgers, and in Meatloaf. Also use the brine in Mashed potatoes since I can’t have milk.
    We also grind them up with mayo, hard boiled egg, mustard and lunch meat.. really good with anything from Turkey to beef to ham.. Kids love it on crackers. Also, white Cheddar, pickles and crackers are a favorite. We also make an old family recipe passed down from my great great grandmother, Rueladin.. you take round steak and wrap it around a dill pickled and bacon, secure with tooth picks then dredge in flour, brown them then boil for 2 hours.. :)

  4. Polish dill pickle soup of course! People at work balked when I told them about it, but they are now converts now that they tasted it.

  5. @AlchemyPickle says:

    My current favourite is Grilled Kim Cheese – just add some kim chi to your broiled cheese sandwich or grilled cheese – YUM! Also, classic or ruby sauerkraut adds a great crunch to fish or veggie tacos. And to add onto #10, try a dirty martini by using pickle brine in the cocktail, or try the classic pickleback: a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of brine, preferably fermented brine.

  6. Alice! we talked about this, i remember now…i need arecipe for pickle soup. Or i’ll come over (with wine) and you can show me how ;-)

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