WellPreserved On-Demand: How To Use Jam in Cooking

Looking for ideas on using jam for things other than toast?  Here’s a few ways we do just that:

  1. Sweet jams are great with savory items (especially cheese).
  2. Jam is a great winter addition to salad dressing.  Mix oil, vinegar and jam to your liking (add mustard if you want an ‘incorporated’ sauce).
  3. Mix it with chocolate and reduce.  Serve with red meat (this is often done with red fruit such as raspberries and paired with game).
  4. Warm a small pot of maple syrup and add jam to it to serve on pancakes.
  5. Add a few spoonfuls to a small jar, cover in booze and let it infuse for a few days.
  6. Add to smoothies.
  7. Mix with balsamic and glaze roasted veggies or meat with it.
  8. Add a bit to a seasonal pie (i.e. an apple pie).
  9. Top cheesecake with it.
  10. Add jelly to hot tea to sweeten.

What else do you use jam for?


The on-demand series of articles came from topics that users have suggested. We love your questions/ ideas/ requests and will do our best to answer them in this series of posts – feel free to add your ideas in the comments below!


  1. White cake, white chocolate icing and homemade 3-berry jam between the layers….. my husband’s favorite birthday cake!

  2. To sweeten homemade yogurt. As a filling for muffins. In this delicious recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/delicious-raspberry-oatmeal-cookie-bars/detail.aspx (any jam will work. We’ve had great luck with apricot, peach, strawberry, and even orange marmalade.)

  3. I use jam in plain yogurt…. pear jam and hazelnuts in yogurt is so good….and also use it to make little jam tarts when I have left over pastry. Oh and my secret ingredient in BBQ sauce is peach jam. Ribs brushed with plum jam, soy sauce and hosin are good too.

  4. Swirled into oatmeal or other hot cereal.

  5. I also vote for eating jam in oatmeal! (Although honestly I prefer dried fruit.)

    The other day I saw a cake recipe in which jam got swirled into the (very basic) batter before cooking. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s so clearly a good idea. And how about filling strudels, cinnamon rolls, etc. with thick jam or fruit butter?

  6. Make jam tart! A simple press-in-pan crust, dump in one or two jars of jam, and cover the top with streusel. Quick easy weeknight dessert.

  7. I love to use jam in various baked goods…I’ve made a few kinds of super easy jam tarts – basically a shortbread crust, thick layer of jam, and then some sort of easy topping (either quick homemade frangipane or more shortbread dough). I also love jam bars in a square pan – oatmeal-based crust, lots of jam, and then oatmeal crumble on top. And, jam is also really awesome swirled into plain muffins (especially corn muffins). Yum!

  8. Not jam, but I’m thinking of it now. I candy clementime peels (hubby eats em like crazy and it’s one of his few treats so…).

    The candied peel I add to brownies (a total hit) and to my very plain black tea. Sweetens it just a tad, not too much, and adds a nice citrus note.

    Thank you for this series, totally awesome to see what everyone else does with their food. Am saving this link and printing it out for when I’m stumped or in a rut with cooking!!

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