WellPreserved Goes Moose Hunting – Day 4 – Video Diary of Dogging Through the Woods

Today`s post will be unlike almost anything we`ve ever posted – let us know if you like this format or prefer words.  I decided to shoot a few short videos which may give you a better perspective of what our forests are like and what it`s like to hunt in Ontario.  The audio walks you through the details of what you`re looking at.  A word of warning – each video has short comments after them which are a bit of a spoiler if you haven`t heard the audio:

a video by Well Preserved on Flickr.

My observation about fresh bear excrement was very accurate.  I trailed the bear off and on for an hour until I `pushed`it in front of one of our hunters.  We had a license and the bear was within 30 yards of the shooter running full speed (they can run over 40 kilometers an hour).

a video by Well Preserved on Flickr.

The bear ran through thick brush like this.  Though our hunter could see it, he could not get a clean shot and rather than risking injuring it (bad for the bear and potentially those around), he passed on the shot and it ran away.  He had less than 2 or 3 seconds to choose and he made his choice; we all support it without question.

a video by Well Preserved on Flickr.

Tracking can be just that fickle.  We would later find out that two large bull moose (which we didn`t have a license for) ran across our land and into the territory of another camp.  One was absolutely giant (based on the trails) – I believe both survived the week; but seeing this sign and knowing where they had run would play an important role in making a decision for a later hunt.  This hair was likely from the two bulls as they crossed our land and away from doggers of another camp.

a video by Well Preserved on Flickr.

THe walking in the video above is far trickier than it may appear.  Your feet never land on level ground – it`s a killer work out for your feet and lower legs.  Having two pairs of boots (one for the morning and one for the afternoon) is a big help.  My morning boots are warmer and heavier  while my lighter afternoon hiking boots help keep my energy up.

a video by Well Preserved on Flickr.

What is just as amazing as the terrain is the fact that I`ve  seen moose run full speed down and through it – while hardly making a sound.

That was the tone of my day – a lot of walking, a lot of water and not a lot of hope.  Finding the piece of hair was about the most exciting it was on Tuesday.

Do the videos help paint the picture differently?  Are they helpful or a waste of time?  What did you learn from them that was interesting?

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  1. Kelly Moore says:

    well done with the description of the opportunity with the bear….it’s what responsible hunting is all about…very exciting…

  2. I’m enjoying these blog entries very much. I have only been on one moose hunt (last year) but we hunted much differently. It is very interesting for me to see how you do it.

  3. Love the videos! I’m a visual kind of guy, so this gives me a clearer picture of what you’ve been talking about :)

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