WellPreserved – 5 Years and Counting

It’s hard to believe that today marks the end of 5 years of WellPreserved (tomorrow is our official ‘birthday’ and the start of year 6)!

Thank you for reading, sharing and participating!

WellPreserved   5 Years and Counting December

I still wonder what would have happened if I didn’t sleep-in that morning (our origination story was shared here, in 2009).  My best guess, based only on a feeling in my heart, is that the moment would have passed unnoticed and WellPreserved would not exist.

Rather than imaging what life would be like without the blog, here’s 5 changes that it’s brought to our life:

  1. Friends and other Strangers.  If there’s one reason worth blogging, it’s the people that you can meet when you share your message online.  We’ve been so lucky to have met so many people through the blog (both locally and from around the world) that inspire us and make our lives better for knowing them.  Trying to list them would be futile but there is no doubt that our lives are better for them.
  2. Better Food.  Writing about food has forced me to focus on my own cooking; our meals have definitely improved as a result.
  3. Better Errands.  Groceries used to be a chore.  Writing about food has almost eliminated those awful visits and replaced them with an abundance of farmer’s markets and local shopping that has brought even more people, community and connectedness into our lives.
  4. Community.  This may sound similar to ‘friends’ but it’s rather different.  In addition to meeting specific people, this experience has introduced entire groups of people who are trying to make the world a better place through food.  Some of these people are volunteers and leaders while others are people we simply see from a distance shopping at the same markets.  Regardless of the role we each play, there is a large community of people trying to advocate for better and more accessible food and WellPreserved has made us feel that we’re a small part of something much bigger and more important.
  5. Time and Money.  I am convinced that the way we shop saves us time and money when compared to buying the same quality food elsewhere.  We don’t eat the same way we used to (for example, we eat significantly less meat but the meat we eat has vastly improved) but preserving and eating locally has resulted in a net gain in time and money.

And, of course, we don’t have it all figured out.  Like most everyone else we have our own food-related struggles including:

  1. Eating out.  We eat out less than ever but still more than we’d like to.  The temptation of take-out is difficult to avoid after consecutive 12-14 days of working outside the house.
  2. Food Waste.  We’ve managed to significantly reduce the amount of food we waste (and have a worm bin for the stuff we do) but this is something I’d like to remove all-together from our lives.
  3. Our professional lives.  When we claim that WellPreserved has ‘changed every aspect of our lives’ this includes our work.  As our ethics have changed through the food that we support we have both found ourselves questioning certain aspects of our own careers (and continue to make significant changes to them).
  4. Monetization/ Sustainability of WellPreserved.  We started this as a hobby and wrote for more than 4 years before concluding that WellPreserved would have to sustain itself to continue.  Although it’s brought much value into our lives, it has also required a significant investment of time and money.  If/ when WellPreserved can sustain itself, we’ll be able to dedicate more of our time to it and producing even better content to share!

Thank you for joining us for the last 5 years!  What would you like to see from us in coming years?


  1. A book! Oh please a book!!!!

  2. Congratulations!

    I’d support a book too…

    Best wishes for 2014!

  3. Congratulations! You have contributed so much to the community and I very much hope that your sixth year finds you more fulfilled than ever from writing this blog.

  4. Growing up eating real food was the norm. Thanks to Wellpreserved I now realize it was the greatest gift from my parents, grandparents, Aunts & Uncles & my little Acadian fishing village. Thanks for spreading the word & the passion of my “inheritance”!

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