Using Technology to Discover Food and Drink in New York City

I meant to share this a long time ago – a recent request from a friend reminded me of our New York City food map.

Before sharing the map, here’s a little background:

  • Dana and I were planning a trip to Manhattan and Brooklyn.   We had 8 days to explore the city and planned to walk, eat and drink.
  • Dana has an iPhone and we were planning to travel with it.
  • Dana created a custom Google Map and allowed me to post on it.  We both did research and added items to the map.  Dana did a lot of searching her favorite sites while I used Twitter, the Blog and Facebook to pull information to me.  We both came up with very similar results though each of us found items the other didn’t.
  • The map was our guide to the city – we went to Neighborhoods where there were a high concentration of “dots” and explored.  We covered about 80% of our map in the 8 days.  We carried the iPhone and printouts of the area.

We still refer friends to the map – we haven’t updated it in the year so I can’t vouch for its present completeness but I can vouch for how awesome it was to have a map like this on our travels.  It allowed us to organize the city by area and our combined techniques led us to places we simply wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.

There is a link on the bottom to zoom in. 

Does anyone else have similar maps (regardless of city) that they’re willing to share?  It’s fun even to virtually tour a city that you’re unfamiliar with in this way and we’d love to see maps of anywhere that share your favourite food and drink tips.


  1. What a great idea! You and Dana have it organized- love it!

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