Updates to Well Preserved

What’s new on WellPreserved?  These days the answer is “a whole lot…”  We’ve quietly made a lot of changes in the last 10 days and wanted to walk you through them today – the majority are new tools to help you find content you’re looking for.

The first change is minor, though overdue – we have a new about page and remembered to add photos of ourselves (we are a little camera-shy!).  Writing an ‘about page’ is the trickiest of tasks; thank you to those on Twitter and Facebook who gave us some input and helped us update ‘who we are.’

Updates to Well Preserved Updates to Well Preserved

Hopefully you’ll notice that we have a new look as well.  Here’s a few advantages of the new theme:

  • You’ll see ‘breadcrumbs’ on the top of this post.  It shows you what section of the website you’re in.  For example, this article is located:
    Home » Articles and Editorial » About Well Preserved » Updates » Updates to Well Preserved

    Each level of the breadcrumb is click-able and you’ll be able to easily find other content similar to the article you’re reading.

  • Tags and categories are easily viewable on the main page.  When you are on our main/ home page, you’ll see the tag and category of each post.  A tag is similar to an item in the index in the back of the book (i.e. you can click to see all of our strawberry posts) while a category is like the chapter in the front of the book (i.e. you can click to see all of our jam recipes).
  • All posts have been updates with proper categories (and all recipes for preserving and ‘normal’ cooking have been tagged as well).
  • New social media options to share content have been added (including Pinterest)

There are also two major enhancements to our menu system:

1)  We have added an index with more than 250 items to the very top of our site.  This index is almost 100% ingredient-based.  If you’re looking for something involving ‘Leeks’, just click move your mouse over the ‘Le’ above our banner and you’ll find ‘Leeks.’  This menu is experimental – we’d love to hear your feedback (constructive and otherwise!)

WellPreserved Updates, Wellpreserved menu system

2) We’ve added a menu to help you find all of our preserving and ‘normal’ cooking recipes; located under our banner you will now see a menu for “Preserving” and another for “Cooking.”  The preserving section also includes links to our ‘fundamentals’ sections for each style – if you’re looking to increase your general knowledge on a specific area of food preservation, these are great places to start.

wellpreserved menu, how to find things on wellpreserved

Our “Find Stuff” menu still works – there you will find a deeper dive into the site including a complete site map where you’ll find all of our content!

We’re always trying to improve the experience here – what do you think of the changes?  What else would you like to see?


  1. dixiebelle/ bec says:

    Good work!

  2. Wonderful and it was nice meeting you and Dana and the group last night. I can’t wait to do my 1st preserve, you all are so inspiring. Just making a list of all the things I need to buy from Canadian Tire.

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