Update on Shaeffer

Today marks the last day of mouse hunting in our region of Southern Ontario.  Posts will return to normal shortly.  J

We brought our puppy home at the start of September – a 10 pound Hungarian Viszla.  His name is Shaffer and he’s been a lot of fun (and a lot of work!).  There are no regrets and we can’t imagine our lives without him these days.

Vizsla’s are Hungarian Bird Hunting Dogs.  There are reports of them hunting moose and deer as well – for now he’s simply happy being a puppy and we are thrilled with that.  I would rather have an awesome companion dog who is a poor hunter than a marginal companion and great hunter.  While hunting is important to us, it’s a relatively small part of our lives.

Shaffer came to visit the cabin for his first time on Thanksgiving weekend.  He’s fun to have in our every day lives and seems to really enjoy us – being at the cabin was a new level of fun for this little dude.  We could be much more carefree with him at the cabin and he followed us until he couldn’t and then sprinted for his bed at the food of the fireplace.

We thought we’d share a few pics of his growth and will share periodic updates as he learns to become a hunter.  If he doesn’t, we’ll save his progress for Facebook and be just as happy!  For now, he looks like an eager woodsman – already excited to smell a moose print or point at birds in the park.

The following pics are a series from his first visit to Shaeffers pond (he is named after the pond, not the other way around).

Update on Shaeffer October

Update on Shaeffer October

We found hail on the way back to the cabin – he wasn`t as excited:

And less we leave it on a sad note, he did later come back out and find a stick:


  1. gaelenscafe says:

    LOL – you are going to have to add ‘+ Shaeffer’ to your tagline if he continues to stay this photogenic! There’s a point in the growing-up part for all pointing breeds where they realize their fast-moving legs and flying ears didn’t come with a user’s guide; I think you caught that in the last shot.


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