Upcoming WellPreserved Class (Toronto) – Time to Preserve!

Are you in the Toronto area and want a shortcut to increase your ability to use and preserve local food?  We’re thrilled to announce our first independent event – it’s less than 2 weeks away and seats are limited!

Upcoming WellPreserved Class (Toronto)   Time to Preserve! Classes

This is our first independent event and we are both really excited about it.  We’ve teamed up with Kensington Brewing Company (their beer will be sold at the event) and will be hosting an interactive evening which will give inspiration on 7 different styles of preserving, the base knowledge to do each and ideas on how to create several different types of preserves in a single, short session.

The mission of our kitchen is to move preserves away from the side of the plate as condiments and move them towards the center of the plate as the main event or key ingredients in a year-round kitchen.  It also must fit into a hectic schedule but also allow time to enjoy the process to enjoy with family and friends.

We live with more than 700 jars of preserves and people often ask us how we have the time to make so many.  This session will share an inside peak to how we preserve and our approach to year-round preserving (including how we often make multiple different styles of preserve in the same session to save time and increase the diversity of our pantry while decreasing the time to make each individually!

If you’ve never preserved before or if you’ve focused on a few different styles, this fast flowing discussion will deepen your ability to preserve more food in less time.

Joel loves this stuff, he’ll share for hours about the possibilities of preserving. You’ll leave with a good idea of what you need to get to started as soon as all the amazing spring produce starts showing up in the markets. You’ll realize there are many different options you will never be stuck with too many jars of strawberry jam (and you don’t even eat toast) ever again.

You might find a particular type of preserving you want to learn more about and obsess over for a while (don’t get Joel talking about the minute details of fermenting, that’s for another day). You’ll also find out, it’s WAY EASIER than you think and way more fun. It’s really not a big deal, your (Great) Grandma didn’t think so.

Come out and learn how easy it is to become WellPreserved!

who it’s for:

  • never preserved food before?
  • made a few types of preserves but want to know what else is possible?
  • Have preserved a lot but looking for more options?
  • like to hang out at farmers markets ( but don’t know what to do when you come home with way too much produce because it all looked so delicious?)
  • been cooking, growing and preserving food for ages but think there might be some ideas beyond the ones you’ve already tried?
  • (in other words, everyone who eats and can boil water)

Doors will open at 7:30, discussion will begin around 8:00 and wrap-up around 9:30.  We’ll hang out for a while after if there are one-on-one questions or if people just want some social time.

Click on the picture or click here for tickets – we’d love to see you there!

Outside of WellPreserved, Joel is a public speaker who has spoken around the world.  He loves to share his passion for the things close to his heart – preserving is one of the closest.

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