UnDiet with Meghan Telpner

This post introduces a new friend as well as one of our first attempts at producing a video – we’re pumped to share both!  We’re also running a contest and giving a way a copy of Undiet (details at bottom).

A few months ago I opened my email to find a message requesting our support for a new book by a Toronto nutritionist.  We receive such offers from time to time and we often pass; Dana and I long made a commitment to this project – and to each other – that we would only write about things that we absolutely love here.  The title of the book (UnDiet) had my guard up a bit.

But two things nagged at my consciousness:

  1. Meghan shares several acquaintances with us and we had met her a few times nd really liked her.  Friends spoke of her with the highest respect and that meant a lot.
  2. Her team (it’s a small one) have been vocal supporters and contributors to various communities of WellPreserved.  They’ve shared on Twitter, interacted on Instagram and we’ve communicated on Facebook to try to help each other out.  One even bought one of our posters.

We asked for a copy of the book and reserved the right to commit until after we dug through its pages – from there it was an easy decision to support Meghan Telpner and UnDiet.

Before moving to a formal review, allow to introduce Meghan with our video that we shot with her at the Leslieville Farmers Market:

Meghan is fun, passionate about her message and has a lot of knowledge to share.  Her book is equally parts cute, fun, funny while also containing no-nonsense messaging about nutrition and understanding the impact (positive and otherwise) of what we eat and how we feel.  Her message is backed up by her own experience (part of her inspirational journey is how she has ‘eaten’ Crohn’s disease into remission) as well as academic (she is a registered Nutritionist who also trains others in Canada’s first Culinary Nutrition Expert Program).

UnDiet is not a diet book.  Meghan’s message is quite the opposite – she invites and inspires readers to the table with a simple offering: eat delicious food that will make you feel (and be) as healthy as possible.

The message of the book is also about making the experience a journey; abandon drastic changes in favor of small steps that move you towards a journey of better health.

In the months since receiving a copy of the book, we’ve made small changes without much thought.  Like most ‘busy’ people we can make bad choices on hectic days and try to do our best but fall into traps of convenience and comfort more often than we’d like.  UnDiet was a good reminder that small steps (like getting removing sugar and replacing it with honey) require little effort or sacrifice and often produce better-tasting food.

Beyond our endorsement for Meghan, there were three reasons that made supporting her book so easy for us:

  1. We have purchased the book for both of our families.
  2. At different times in the last few weeks we’ve both been surprised by a sudden bounce in our step that seemingly came from nowhere.  I attribute that to small changes we’ve made without even realizing that we had.
  3. We were really impressed by Meghan and her husband Josh.  Since shooting the video, the four of us have shared dinner and feel the start of a new friendship and respect them greatly.

If you’re interested in Meghan’s message, there’s a few ways you can learn more:

  1. Where to start: Buy the book (you can enter the code word wellpreserved to receive 10% off)
  2. Ready for more? Take an online course.
  3. Want to be a master? Graduate to the online Culinary Nutrition Expert Program (it’s 200 hours of training in 12 weeks)

UnDiet Giveaway

Do you want to win a copy of the book?  Leave a comment on this post sharing a small change to your diet that you’ve made or could make that would make you feel better between now and July 7th, 11:59PM EST.  We’ll send the winner an email to arrange for shipping and announce their first name in our newsletter in our July 13th newsletter.


  1. Great information. Love the video….bang on. Great questions! Great answers!

  2. This book sounds great! I’m going to go with being more consistent about eating breakfast within 30 minutes or so of waking up instead of waiting until I am starving (bad habit!)

  3. Daily green smoothies have a made a humongous difference in my energy levels. Can’t get through the day without them!

    • I really have to try the same – my Mother is a smoothie master (as mentioned in the video) but I’ve never made them a priority – I really must do so. :) J

  4. Love the review and it’s already added to my library list but a copy of my own migjt just keep me on the path to losing the weight I need to in order to take control of my life back. Fingers crossed.

    • Judy,

      Thanks for the comment and keep up the good fight! I know the battle – I lost 55 pounds about 8 years ago; I’m a few pounds heavier than I’d like to be now but feel like I’ve gained so much more control over it compared to my past. Best of luck on your journey – I’m cheering with you. :)

  5. Wow…what a great interview! Checked out Meghan’s site..and now my biggest dilemma is which meal plan to choose…we have added green smoothies to our daily diets ( got Kale?) and it has made a big difference in appetite and energy levels… small change, big results…Thanks for a great interview…there is always more to learn – and I think this will be one subject that I will never tire of…nutrition.

    • Thanks Kelly! :)

      Her site is pretty awesome and I thought of you when she mentioned smoothies. Really need to get us a high speed blender. :)

  6. Thank you for the wonderful interview. I would say the biggest change in my life that was so simple to do, was to simply ensure I drank more water.

    • Thank you Dave! :) I had to learn that lesson too – I remember the shock of hearing how much water I needed vs what I was getting. :) Thanks for leaving a comment! :)

  7. Great interview. I have a very strong committment to eating right but big money foods are still winning over my oldest daughter in the packaged food fight. I buy very little packaged food. One change I have made is having bulk nuts and dried fruits on hand for my girls to snack on rather than sweets.

    • Thanks a great tip K! I think we all go through phases – there was a period in my life that I ran from the kitchen when preserving was happening and I avoided home cooked meals too. :)

  8. This year I’ve tried adding another veggie to every dinner and lost 10lbs so far….last year we made a no seconds rule that had big impact too. Meghan is right about small changes, they’re the only ones that create lasting results as long as you don’t slip back into old habits.

    • Great examples Diana – love the idea of the additional veg. Simple to think about and easy after a small bit. I’m afraid if I said no seconds here I’d just buy bigger plates. ;)

  9. Love the energy in the video! I have had fibromyalgia for ten years and 18 months ago gave up sugar in hopes of decreasing my fatigue. I also started fermenting water kefir two weeks ago and it is now my drink of choice! Collette

  10. I need to work harder about removing the sugar from my diet – a little at a time.

  11. Nice! That video inspired me to get outside this afternoon and plant another crop of greens for the daily
    green smoothies. Twice a week just isn’t enough anymore!

    • Awesome Alison! I really need to give the green smoothie thing a try – Dana has tried it a few times and LOVE it. We need a high speed blender in this house! :)

  12. Removing sugar has always made me feel better, though a difficult task. I do limit packaged foods, and try to make my own sweets if necessary. I agree with drinking water & green smoothies first thing in the morning!

    • Hi Cristen,

      I am so impressed at the amount of green smoothie advocates here – really need a better blender and need to get on that train! :) Thanks for commenting! :)

  13. I love Megan and her blog. I’m thinking about taking the degree she took at institute of holistic nutrition. And I’m from Toronto. I deserve the book :). Maybe. I’ll be happy for whoever gets it

    • Sarah b says:

      I should say my change! I started using my juicer again about 6 months ago. Green juices probably 3-4 days a week. Now I’m doing a 30 green juice challenge (not juice cleanse, just 30 days of different juices). I also got a magic bullet lately so I can have smoothies as well. Most mornings I bring a juice and smoothie to work. I’ve definitely seen increases in my energy both physical and mental and my sleeping patterns.

      • Each comment I read about green smoothies, the amount of variation and how people are feeling really makes me want to join in. I was trying to avoid the magic bullet until we had saved for a high-speed blender but that may have to be the stop gap based on how everyone’s feeling here! Thanks for the comment Sarah!

    • Haha! Well I’m glad you’ll be a good sport either way Sarah! We’ll see who fate chooses! :) Good luck if you take that course – it does seem pretty amazing. :)

  14. Love the idea of small changes adding up over time! This spring I started adding greens-spinach or kale- to my breakfast smoothie. Turns out you can’t even taste them and it gets a serving of vegetables into breakfast.

    • Jenny,

      Thanks for the comment! I really feel like the last guy on the green smoothie train – I better get on board before it leaves the station. :)

      • Sarah b says:

        I got a deluxe magic bullet at Costco about a month ago for 40$. At first I wasn’t sure about it. I already have a food processor and hand blender but no blender I could use for smoothies. I wanted something the would take up less space on my counter than a traditional blender. But I love it now. I’m not a big sweet person and I’ve never eaten much fruit, just lots and lots of vegetables. This way I get 2-3 servings in the morning straight off, plus a handful of greens ofte as well. I know what you mean about a high powered blender though. Haven’t tried adding nuts or seeds and I’m not it could handle it.

        • Good to know Sarah – I figured it would end up in the pile of kitchen gadgets filled with good intent but not good use. :) Will have to think about this; especially in light of the amount of counter space taken – we have so little! :) Joel

  15. My husband went to a naturopath in the spring, and the suggested changes have brought him and his health back to life. Aside from the naturopathic remedies, the no gluten/wheat has been the most major. I have a frightening amount of energy now and his is increasing.

    • Hi Mary – thanks for the comment!

      A ‘frightening’ amount of energy sounds awesome. I’ve been a pretty big fan of gluten most of my life and have seen us significantly cut back – I think the time is coming to try a while without it entirely but the idea sounds a little scary around here. :)

      • Once we got over the idea of always having cereal and toast for breakfast, the world of wheat/gluten free opened to us. My husband now has Bob’s Red Mills gluten free oatmeal each morning, I have a variety of happy options. Try it for a bit, see how you feel. Bought Meghan’s book, everything she says makes sense, but I would love another copy for the naturopath! Mary

  16. For about three months now we have been making both water and milk kefir. The water kefir gets flavoured with fruit juice while the milk kefir is used in our breakfast smoothie along with kale, flax and chia seeds, banana and whatever other fruit we feel like adding. We’re so addicted to our smoothies that when we went up to Algonquin Park for three days last week we made extra ahead of time and froze them to take with us.

    • HAHA! That’s an awesome story John; heading to the woods with smoothies in tow! Our cabin is near Algonquin (just outside of Huntsville) and we have a generator; my mother often makes them up there – not quite the same as freezing a ‘to go’ portion but I think she can relate. :) Joel

  17. So I just ordered Meghan’s book along with The Perfect Scoop (David Lebovitz does ice cream)….that’s normal, right?! :) Great post, really enjoyed it.

    • Sandra,

      You totally rule – that’s exactly the type of thing I’d do! I actually bought “The River Cottage Meat Book” and “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian” at the same time last year. We might be related :P


  18. I have tried some on-again-off-again changes such as lemon water upon waking and before consuming anything else. Our most consistent changes have been to eat more vegetarian each week, kale smoothies, and decaf coffee (which was the hardest change of all!). We actually have kale about 5 times a week, not including the smoothies. It’s just become our “go-to” superfood – the challenge is to find creative ways to prepare it!

    • That’s awesome Leigh. I’ve only discovered kale in the last few years (I didn’t grow up eating it) and have to admit how much I love it. Tonight I’m throwing a whole bunch of it into a pasta sauce at the very last minute. It’s versatile, isn’t it?

      Thanks for leaving a comment!


  19. Great interview…. Eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up

  20. I’ve started making my own bread, yoghurt, and stock at home, and am trying to buy better-raised meats even if I can’t quite do a meat CSA from an Ethical Farmer yet.

    • Hi Syrens!

      Thanks for the comment and congrats on your changes! They have a way of stacking up, don’t they!?! We continue to make changes (often) and still feel there’s such a long way to go – but remembering the gains along the way certainly help build momentum! :)


      • They do! It’s funny how the more you do, the more you look at what “needs to be” (or what I feel like I need to get) done. I’m having a grand time foraging for service berries and other planted-by-the-city fruit in my neighbourhood. :-)

  21. I began sprouting this past winter and drinking liquid chlorophyll most days. This, in addition to the greens or spirulina I add to my smoothies, really gives me more energy to the point that I don’t feel like I *need* coffee (although I still enjoy it). I own Meghan’s book but if I win an additional copy I’ll pass it to one of my sisters:)

  22. I discovered the power of the produce section. I didn’t grow up in a household where vegetables other than canned green beans were served on any regular basis. And when they were, they were fried. (gross!) I’ve learned that I feel so much healthier if I load up my plate with veggies. And I’ve discovered vegetables that I never knew existed, much less that I would love eating: artichokes, eggplants, kale, brussel sprouts…. The list goes on and on.
    I’d love some guidance in how to continue to incorporate veggies in my diet in new and exciting ways! Thanks for this opportunity.

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