Trick or Treat – at Grassroots Organic Farm

We recently visited the home of one of our favorite farmers for a great Halloween ShindigMark Trealout and family and their band of merry men and women (Kawartha Ecological Growers) have been mentioned here a lot through the summer and fall.  I love the work that this first generation farmer is doing and how hard he is trying to do things the way he sees as right.  When the average age of a farmer is nearing 60, it is hear warming to see someone in their 30s risking everything to follow their beliefs.

The Trealouts hosted a fundraiser at their farm on Halloween.  Cold weather and rain held some people back but those who attended (including us) had an awesome time.  It was a fantastic country party – lots of costumes, big fires, wonderful food, kids, dogs and livestock all running together.  It was a fantastic day.  A full sized piano provided the heart of the bonfire that warmed us all as we ate homemade caramel corn and enjoyed the company of family and new friends.

I grew up in the country for my first 5 or 6 years and spent a fair bit of time visiting friends and relatives in later years.  Summer and fall were always great times and gatherings such as these built communities unlike most I know in the city.  Being invited to kitchen parties, garage parties, beach parties and festivities like these on farms is a rare honor and something that I highly recommend not skipping.  Most of these days center around people, food, food that people make, bring and grow and the occasional libation if desired.  It’s also great family fun.

In a case like this it was also an opportunity to support a group of people who work so hard for the benefit of the rest of us.

Join us in the next three days as we post pictures of the day, the livestock and the bonfire!  I challenge you to think about your local farmers, fishermen and women and the people who work to bring you your food and consider finding ways to support them and their missions!

Trick or Treat   at Grassroots Organic Farm November

Trick or Treat   at Grassroots Organic Farm November


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    Sloppy mistakes detract from the story, and just one proofread should take care of things. With spell checks being as good as they are these days, there really is no reason.

    • You are absolutely correct and love that you took the time to remind me of the importance.

      I have been taking shortcuts these days [ a crazy travel schedule has brought back some bad habits. I really do appreciate you taking the time and will make an effort to avoid the avoidable…

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    No problem. And sit up straight!


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