To cap off a great weekend…

Dana went out for a few errands – newspaper, milk and that type of thing.  It was all a short walk from home.

She came back about 15 minutes later and proudly proclaimed `I got you a gift!`  It was too cold for ice cream today so I wasn`t sure what was left (the 24-karat tennis bracelet I`ve been dreaming about is at least a 20 minute walk away…laugh).

She proudly held a piece of red metal above her head – after briefly fearing for her fingers, I got most excited:

To cap off a great weekend...

An interesting  new store has opened in our neighborhood (where you can find the odd treasure – the owner claims to be a “Captain” with “the best booty around”) that’s basically a mix between trashy flea market and pretentious upscale furniture gallery.  Leave it to Dana to find (and recognize) a beer capping machine.  It really is a lot of fun.

I love to think about it’s history.  Who used it?  What did they make?  Who did they share it with?

At any rate, for $15 we now have the first piece of our mini-micro-brewery!

To cap off a great weekend...

It’s a very exciting day for me so you’ll have to pardon the pun in the title of the post.


  1. who am i to pardon word puns? they make me happy.

  2. nice!

  3. Does it fit standard modern bottles?

    • Sarah, it does appear to – I don’t have blanks to try with it but simulated the process with an empty twist top and seems to work just fine.

      And to Sous Chef, based on the test, going to guess that you could get away without mounting but mounting would make it way easier. There are a few options there – acutally mounting it to a counter or mounting it to a 12 inch board that would be portable – the length would work for leverage.

      I do plan on using this so we’ll see how the experiments go (I’m at least 6 months away from that :). I don’t think I’d want to run a bottling line with it but it certainly seems to be good for the amount I’d need to make (24-48 1-L bottles at a time)…

      Tigress, I’m shocked (tongue firmly planted)…

      And Pat, you don’t need to run out an buy one – I can lend you this one :)


  4. Hubby's Sous Chef says:

    That thing is way cool. I see it has holes to screw it down – a requirement, I would think, for leverage. We would spend a day trying to figure out where to mount such a treasure!

  5. That’s really cool! I’m a little jealous…

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