Time’s up!

Feelin’ the love for our new kitchen timer! Bought it at Anthropologie (Shops at Don Mills). It looks vintage, but it’s brand new…all metal and sticks to the fridge with a big magnet*

Nice and simple. We had a weird one that plays 70s game show tunes and looks like a blender….but never used it (too tough to set).  We had been using the timer on our microwave for a while (interestingly, that’s about all the microwave is used for these days). So when I saw this little lovely, I had to have it…quite photogenic too (comes in powder blue as well).

Times up!

Kikkerland has some interesting products on their website, we’re not big into tchotchkes – but I thought a few of the white ceramic ‘campfire’ candle holders would make an interesting addition to a table setting…like it even more after watching the video….

*i need to stick stuff on the fridge and have a ridiculous collection of magnets, I guess we’ll never have one of those pretty stainless steel refrigerators.


  1. I have the same timer only mine is black! It sits nicely on my stove hood. ;) Love it!!!

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