Time for Tomato Sauce

It’s 11:40PM as I write this and I should be in bed but I can’t even think about sleep.  I know the alarm will ring at 5:00AM but that’s not inspiring me to run for the sheets.  It’s the night before tomato sauce day and this restlessness happens every year.

The irony that I used to avoid this day is not lost on me.  When I was a teenager it was something to be avoided.  It’s now one of my most favourite days of the year, closely following Christmas and Thanksgiving.  I can’t wait to be with our family and pressing tomatoes into sauce.

We’re doing 8 bushels this year.  My parents did 3 today because of the weather forecast.  5 bushels is fairly quick work with our system and equipment.  The tomatoes are yielding plenty of sauce this year – there are 59 jars cooling at their house in Markham after their work today.

I made egg noodles this evening for a celebratory dinner we’ll share once the last jar is put away.

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition to post a short post about my excitement of the main day – sometimes short is sweet. My goal, today, is to share that on the biggest day of preserving in our year, our feeling is that of excitement and not fear for the amount of work.  This type of energy was unimaginable when I was younger and only saw the work – not I know that there’s far more to it – a day ahead of story telling, team work, laughing and working together to create a staple that will fill our pantries – and our stomaches – for months to come.

We’ll be sharing posts and tips through the day at the FaceBook group – we’d love you to come by…


  1. Our family does the same thing but with sweet corn. This year we had 4 generations husking, blanching, cooling, cutting & bagging 18 dozen ears of corn. It was fantastic! I also remember trying to avoid this day as a teenager. Now I’m the main organizer! Love it!

  2. I’d like to contact you by email to talk about your kids’ preserving class in October – for info on starting kids’ classes here in Atlanta. When you have a minute, could you send me a email address to communicate with you. Thanks so much! lyn@preservingnow.com

  3. 8 bushels!!! Holy crap. My nonna would have been proud of you. I am happy I got 20 jars from my tomatoes in the garden. Yellow tomatoes to boot. Tonnes of basil and garlic as well. It was such a giddy moment seeing it on my counter. Enjoy your day.

  4. I’ve been totally feeling how all the tedious, boring stuff old people get excited about, now excite me! I wish my family was more like yours….

    My family makes me feel like the single and only nut for being energized by stuff they think is obsolete for a reason :D

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