The Top 14 Posts of 2011 – in 2012

We’ve  been doing some round-up posts this week summarizing some of the most popular posts in 2012.  So far we’ve covered the Top 10 Posts of 2012 as well as the Top 10 posts written in 2012 for 2012.  Today we’re looking at the Top 14 posts from 2011 as judged by their traffic in 2012.

The bottom 4 were previously named in the top 10 list for the year.

14.  How to Make Rumtopf (the 2011 Batch Arrives along with Redtopf) August 28, 2011. Rumtopf is an annual tradition for us and is an annual tradition with our Christmas meal.  We still have some of the ‘redtopf’ described in this article and it’s as wonderful today as it was back then.
13.  Herbes Salées (Salt Herb Preserve) – Recipe and How-To August 22, 2011. This is now a must-make recipe every year.  We still have 2 quarts of them in the fridge including a small portion from this batch in 2011 (imagine ‘fresh’ herbs lasting a year-and-a-half!)
12. Polenta: the Easiest Thing I never Made  January 23, 2011. We’re on quite the roll – polenta is a go-to staple in our kitchen now.  If you’ve never made it, you simply must.  You’ll never buy a tube of it again!
11. Wild Blueberry Maple Jam / Preserve / Syrup August 22, 2011.  The streak continues.  This is probably the best jam we’ve ever made and I made it for years before sharing it here.  If we competed with our jams, this is what I would enter (although I’d be penalized for it’s slightly loose consistency).  I wouldn’t change it.
10. How to make Candied Bacon Jerky (Recipe)  November 19, 2011. The streak is over.  This was remarkably neat but the smell of bacon dehydrating in our apartment for 72 hours was a little much to take (especially for Dana who works from home and our hunting dog who loves meat of any kind).  The smell was so penetrating that my love for bacon has been slightly lowered.
9. How to Make Raisins (Dehydrate Grapes)  May 4, 2011. This was the second or third time trying to make raisins – and this time was the charm!  They are so much sweeter than the commercial ones.
8.  Dehydrated Spicy BBQ Sweet Potato Chips January 17, 2011. I really need to make these again – this is the absolute best form of cheating I’ve ever done with food.  These were simply fantastic and had the ‘real authentic’ taste of commercial potato chips (irony intended).
7. Fermented Hot Peppers and Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe  December 2, 2011. I often think that strawberries and tomatoes are the gateway ‘drug’ to waterbath preserving.  Hot peppers are the same for fermenting.  Fermenting is easy, quick and delicious!
6. Air Locks for Mason Jars – My Fermenting will Reach New Heights  June 17, 2011. We use these airlocks a lot.  They allow for small-batch fermenting and virtually eliminate mould.  They’ve been fabulous.
5. Naturally Pickled (Fermented) Jalapeno Peppers  August 18, 2011. Hot peppers are popular once again – I’m not the only one who adores them!

The following also appeared on the all-time top 10 posts for 2012 and are repeated here:

4. Dehydrated Watermelon and Dehydrated Cantaloupe August 31, 2011.  This remains one of the more interesting things we’ve made with the dehydrator – but it’s not my favorite.  I like the end results but find them very, very sweet.  I have met a lot of children who disagree with me and really like them.
3. How to Make Ginger Beer (Fermentation Recipe) November 30, 2011.  I adore everything about ginger beer.  This recipe is pure love and a great intro to fermenting.
2. Banana Chips – How to Dehydrate Bananas May 9, 2011.  I feel odd that this recipe is so popular – while we aren’t 100% local, the exceptions that come into our kitchen are items I consider near-essential such as olive oil, lemon, pepper and coffee.  Although these banana chips are good (we still have some in our pantry from 2011), we haven’t bought a banana since.
1. Possibly the Best Homemade Calzone Recipe (Technique) Ever May 11, 2011.  The popularity of this post always astounds me; we still use this recipe and technique when baking calzone (and it really does keep the crust non-soggy).


  1. Thanks for such wonderful recipes – especially the hot peppers and sauce. I have not yet tried fermentation but I am eager to. I am concerned about keeping it in a warm place. During the winter my house is kept at 17C during the day and 13.5C at night. Will this be a problem?
    Your idea of using brew store air locks is genius!

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