The Simplest Arugula Salad Recipe in the world

Arugula.  Olive Oil.  Lemon.  Parmesan.  Salt.


The Simplest Arugula Salad Recipe in the world Olive Oil Lemon arugala

If you haven’t had this salad before, you need to have it soon.

I’ve had versions of this salad in Italian restaurants over the last few years.  I’m not sure of it’s origins but we eat it until the acidity in the lemon starts to make our mouths feel funny.  It’s really that good.

There’s no real measurement.  Through some washed and dried arugula into a bowl.  Shred it.  Pour enough olive oil to gently coat the leaves once tossed.  Taste.  Squeeze some lemon on the leaves.  Taste.  Use a rasp, fine grater or peeler to shave Parmesan into the salad (as much or as little as you’d like).  Toss.  Taste.  Does it need more olive oil?  Lemon?  Season with salt (always do this last as the parm is salty).  Taste.  Eat right away or, even better, wait for 20 minutes to let those flavors hang out.

This was the first salad I ever imagined eating as a main course.  It’s simple food at it’s best and if you haven’t tried it, I can’t recommend it enough.

If you have tried it, do you do anything differently?


  1. Shannon says:

    Great timing! We got our first CSA box of the season last night and there was arugula in it. Lunch tomorrow!

    • Awesome! I love it Shannon! Let me know what you think; it really is one of my most favorite things… It’s great as a meal or with almost anything (you can even fill sandwiches with it or throw it on pizza or in pasta)…

  2. Love arugula!
    Sometimes, I boil beets and add the slices to the salad along with cottage cheese pieces. Something about this combination that makes it incredible.
    Also, try it with breaded oyster mushrooms….so good!

    • GREAT idea Yuliya! I’ve actually never breaded oyster mushrooms but thinking that I have to now! :)

    • YES! That’s my favorite – breaded oyster mushrooms – I use a little parmesan in the breadcrumbs, then pile it all on top of the arugula. DROOL.

      • Hi Tasha; thanks for the comment! THe next time I see Oyster Mushrooms at the market, I’ll be jumping on them to try this! :) Thanks! J

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