The Midas Touch…Raspberry Jam (Two Ways)

It was twelve minutes after nine in the morning when the young man at the other side of the counter smiled broadly and exclaimed, “I told her that those were 9:00AM berries.”  I grinned sheepishly – I had found what I was looking for.

Golden raspberries are a rare find these days.  They are slightly less tart than their red counterparts and tend to be scarcer.  I’ve rarely seen them in retail stores (though they do make an occasional appearance) and they are often more expensive.  I had found my rare treasure – and they were the same price as their traditional counterparts.

The Midas Touch...Raspberry Jam (Two Ways) Raspberry Preserving Recipes Golden Raspberry

The vendor I found offered 4 pints of Golden Raspberries for sale – that was their complete inventory before I arrived.  I left none behind.  I also purchased 4 pints of red raspberries and set off to make some jam.

The Midas Touch...Raspberry Jam (Two Ways) Raspberry Preserving Recipes Golden Raspberry

You can use the same recipes for golden as you use for red.  I have a trusted recipe I trust – crush 4 cups of berries and mix 3 cups of sugar (I used dementia) and a ¼ cup of lemon juice and let them sit for an hour.  Cook to the jelling point (I use the quick set method – spoon a small amount onto a plate and freeze for 3 minutes, remove and drag your finger through; if it remains parted you have gelling).  Scrape of the foam and seal (I use the pressure cooker).  This is a tested recipe – more detail can be found in our preserving section.

Once again we did not add extra pectin – this reduces the need for a pile more sugar (a single batch with pectin would call for up to 7 cups of sugar).  It took a few days to show that it’s full set is taking hold and that they will gel up nicely – I can’t wait to open the first one.

This was 2 of the 5 batches of the weekend (6 in 48 hours).  Most of my summer jams are complete – it’s an exciting time!


  1. i love golden raspberry jam! i have about two tablespoons left in the bottom of the jar from last year’s batch. ours don’t come in season here until september so i’ll have to wait. :(

    i’ve just discovered a bunch of wild raspberries in our yard, i am going to try that this year if i can pick enough.

    yours looks wonderful!

  2. These recipes look fantastic and I am going to try them this weekend! Thanks to Authentic Coast for the RT!!!!


    • thanks Kim, they really are fabulous. I see you are from Nova Scotia as well – we are headed to Cape Breton this evening (from Toronto) to visit friends and fam…. Hope summer is goign well!

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