The Home Ec (Big Outdoor) Kitchen Party

Dana and I are excited to share news of a project that we’ve been quietly working on for the last little while:

The Home Ec (Big Outdoor) Kitchen Party HomeEc Big Outdoor Kitchen Party HomeEc harbortfront center

Inspired by community gatherings in the East Coast of Canada (where my Mother is from) we’re planning a family-friendly festival celebrating small food, preserving, blogging, food writing, music and more.  We also have some surprises to share soon!

We’re hosting the outdoor event at Harbourfront center and we couldn’t be more excited about the venue!

Here’s how we described it on the Harborfront website:

Meet some of the city’s finest picklers, beekeepers, hot sauce makers, fermenters and chefs in our pop-up local grocery store. Each producer will have a unique demonstration to teach you about their craft. Have a bite on your way to visit our demo area to learn the basics of preserving food, learn simple meal ideas, cooking techniques and more.

No kitchen party is complete without music, so our day will culminate with live music to celebrate the harvest!

As events are becoming a bigger focus for us, we’ve launched a new website to share our events on.  You can find it at:

We’re looking for potential partners as well.  There are two types of partners we’re hoping to find:

  • Potential participants.  Artisan food producers, community organizations with a focus on food, cookbook authors, speakers and more.  The ideal participant will have a demo, tasting, display or something interactive to share with our guests.  We’ve had beer brewers offer hops for people to smell, hot sauce makers offering a taste of hot sauce and fermenters offer a sample of their pickles in the past.  You can find out the benefits of being a vendor here and apply over here.
  • Potential Sponsors.  Are you a larger organization who would like to participate with community and be involved with innovative, agile and amazing smaller brands?  We have a full sponsor package to share; send me an email (joel (a) and I’ll share it with you.

And, of course, you can participate by attending!



  1. Sounds like a great time! I wish I could be in Toronto on the 14th!

  2. Really looking forward to this! Just putting it out there – if you need extra hands for set-up or tear down, or your vendors require any extra hands, I am throwing both my hands up to volunteer. Excited!

    • Awesome Becca! Thank you!

      We will definitely make a list as we get closer – really appreciate the offer – makes us feel really good that people are willing to jump in. Thank you!


  3. Why do the fun things all happen on the same weekends? Alas I will be out of town, but hopefully there will be more food shenanigans in the future that I can partake of.

  4. I’ll ask my partner in crime if he’d be interested in being involved in some way. We might chat with you about it.

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