Terra Madre Day 2012 (Dec 10): Made From Scratch

Dana and I are passionate members of Slow Food Toronto.  We’re excited to share an idea that’s open to all – including non-Torontonians…

Terra Madre day is a global celebration of local food and cooking from scratch.  Events range from large public outings through quiet dinners at home.  Slow Food Toronto is championing a virtual party by challenging people to commit to cooking a meal from scratch and share it online.  There are almost 250 people already who have responded that they’ll join in!


Terra Madre Day 2012 (Dec 10): Made From Scratch Terra Madre Day December

Here’s the details from the press release:

This year, Slow Food Toronto is celebrating Terra Madre Day a little differently. We invite you to cook a meal MADE FROM SCRATCH together with your friends and family, at home, anytime between December 8-10th. And we’d love for you to share your stories, photos and recipes with us!

MADE FROM SCRATCH means no industrially processed food, no weird un-identifiable food, no manufactured food with ingredients you can’t pronounce, and certainly no food coloured in neon shades that glow in the dark. Go for food grown and produced sustainably, or the stuff that you preserved from the bounty of your summer garden.

When you make your meal, on any one of these days, share the good news with everyone. Post your pictures, your recipes, your stories, and all the neat stuff you make happen here on our Facebook event page or on our website by emailing editor@slowfood.to. We’ll be sharing and tweeting your fabulous participation with everyone out there. AND we’ll be giving out some prizes too!

It’s easy to participate. Here’s how:

1. JOIN our event on Facebook and INVITE all your friends to join us. Or, if you aren’t on Facebook, you can join the event here.

2. Get together with your friends/family December 8-10th and COOK a meal from scratch.

3. While you’re cooking, TWEET photos and update us on your progress with hashtags: #TerraMadreDay and #MadeFromScratchTO

4. SHARE: Upload photos, stories and recipes to the Facebook event  or send them to editor@slowfood.to
We’ll be updating you with chances to win prizes on our Facebook event page and on the Slow Food Toronto website!

Do you have any plans for Terra Madre?


  1. I am making a Canadian dinner with friends. We have some special things from Forbes (cloudberry compote + birch syrup) foraged from the Canadian wilderness, and we’re just planning our menu now with Canadian dishes and ingredients. I’m excited!

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