Beet Hummus Recipe

If there is a brighter natural food on the face of this earth, I don’t know what it is!

Beet hummus is made without chickpeas (at least that’s the case in our house!).  It has it’s own unique flavor but the addition of cumin, tahini, lemon and olive oil make this taste a lot like traditional hummus.  It can be eaten in the exact same way and is a great addition to lunch or dinner.

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Beet Salad (with Honey, Garlic and Leafy Greens)

Fall is a bit of a shoulder season when it comes to our kitchen; the changing weather beckons for soup one day and something lighter the next.  A steady stream of greens (some from greenhouses and some of the heartier greens that are still being harvested from the field) make salad a natural choice but other ingredients are scarce.

I love to make a lettuce and beet salad for lunch on the weekend.  I sometimes make it with bacon (like in this recipe) but you can skip that if that’s not your cup of lard!

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Pickled Beet Sandwich – Cleaning the Larder

It was a busy weekend and we were looking for a quick bite.

This is a time of year I try to use up as much of our surplus canned goods as possible (and there are a lot!) in order to prepare for the bounty of summer and to rotate the contents of our preserve shelf.  We know that the market will soon be swelling with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables and we’ll be less inclined to eat our preserves so this is a guilt-free time to open as many jars as possible.

Late spring/ early summer is a busy time around our house.  I tend to travel a lot for work, we’re a lot more social (like bears coming out of hibernation), farmers market season kicks into another gear and projects in the garden tend to take a lot of time.  Meals like this one are ready in minutes (the longest step was making toast)and can easily fuel you through the day.

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7-Minute Meal: Root Salad Recipe

Need a meal or a hardy side-dish in minutes?   Cooking isn’t a race but it’s handy to have a few quick recipes in your toolkit that you can make when you’re in a rush.  This root salad recipe is an easy winter snack that can use most root vegetables (I stay away from potatoes or yams as they take longer to cook) as the base and you can add just about anything from your fridge.

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Fermentation Foibles: Matchstick Golden Beets

I was excited to see how these would turn out with a week or so of fermenting:

Fermentation Foibles: Matchstick Golden Beets Golden Beet Beet

Beets are relatively easy to ferment:

  1. Slice
  2. Add salt, apply pressure.
  3. Leave on counter; the salt should pull enough fluid to cover the beets within 6-12 hours
  4. Top up with salt brine if needed.
  5. Leave covered, taste often

While the flavor of these ended well, they ended up very slimy.  The texture just wasn’t my thing.

There’s a few possibilities (and I’m open to your ideas/ expertise as well):

  • The small pieces somehow created the texture.
  • There wasn’t enough salt and things fermented faster than I thought.
  • Was bad luck.
  • Caused by the type of beets.
  • My water didn’t end up de-chlorinating and fermentation was stopped.

I once-in-a-while get a slippery batch but it’s not enough to hold me back.  Clearly it’s time to do some more reading!

Light Hummus Recipe (Made Purple with Beet Powder)

I love hummus.  The delightfully garlicky, olive-oil rich spread that brings me to happy town.

Today’s recipe still brings me to happy town – it just takes a very different route:

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Beets – Pickles and Powdered

Beets – Pickles and Powdered wellpreservededibleautumn Preserving Recipes Beet

Beets are a lot of fun.  I`ve had a funny relationship with them since childhood.  I forget to put them on my plate (or outright avoid them) thinking that I`m not a giant fan of them.  When I have a weak moment and plate some up I rediscover that I love them.  This can happen several times per week. [Read more...]

Can`t beat this – a secret to beet salad

I will gladly admit that I adore making mistakes.  I don`t embarass easily and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my discoveries of personal futility because they make me laugh, they may help someone else and I find it oddly fun to admit what a dork I can be.  I am pleased to say I plan on admitting my own discovery of personal flubbing and I may actually be the only one reading this who has learned a thing from it.

I m 37.  I`ve never eaten beats in the summer that I remember (with the exception of pickled beets).  The reason was simple – it`s too hot to cook tem and hot beets are so clearly a dish for the fall and winter.

I also adored how chefs got beets to stay so firm, crisp and crunchy in a salad.  I was never able to reproduce their results.  I was sharing the second anecdote with a farmer friend when she looked at me like I had 7.5 heads.

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What to do with dehydrated beets and celery root

Yesterday showed part one of this exercise – we dehydrated 5 pounds of beets into chips and did the same with an entire celery root.  A lot of people asked us what we were going to do with them.

Let`s begin at the end.  Our 5 pounds of beets now look like this:

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Dehydrating beets, onions and celery root

There`s not much I can add to the title other than the photos so let`s start there:

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