Summer Preserving Reccomendations

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s awfully hot to do an awful lot of preserving.  I’ll be kicking into gear soon. 

Summer Preserving Reccomendations Jul 31
If I had to start now, here’s 10 recipes from our past that I would make right now:

  1. Blueberry Maple Crack
  2. Pressure canned peas
  3. Rumtopf
  4. Blueberry Grand Marnier
  5. Elderflower Cordial
  6. Herbes Salees (a summer MUST)
  7. Fermented Pickles
  8. Fermented Mustard
  9. Dried Green Onions (Nose-to-tail veg)
  10. Dehydrated herbs (such as parsley)


  1. I’ve never heard of herbes salees, but that sounds like an amazing idea! And dried green onion–I have a gardenful of green onions and an ongoing solar dehydrator project, so I definitely want to try this one out!

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