Split Banana Brule (with preserves)

I have always loved puns.  I have a special fondness for bad ones that make people groan.  It is because of this that you will have to tolerate my definition of a Split Banana desert that is perfect to show off your sweet preserves.

Cut a banana in half (at the middle) then cut each half in two lengthwise – you should have 4 long banana halves at this point.

Split Banana Brule (with preserves) October Cooking Recipes Banana

Using a small spoon, carefully remove some of the middle of the banana (imagine that you are carving out a canoe).  Be careful not to break the banana (I would leave the skin on until after you are happy with your carving and then remove).

Dip or sprinkle sugar on the top and hole you have created.  While you want a fair bit of sugar you do not want to fill the hole.

Now the fun part: light a blow torch and brown the sugar crisp.  This will add texture, flavor and warm the banana.

Fill the empty crevasse with the preserve of your choice – we used whole preserved strawberries in one, peach butterscotch in another.  Serve immediately to your guest and make the next pair.  We ate each one individually in a single mouthful.

Split Banana Brule (with preserves) October Cooking Recipes Banana

This was truly a delightful and fun way to enjoy your summers toil!


  1. i’m running out to get a blow torch right now!

  2. I’ve always wanted an excuse to buy one of those cute little blow torches!! :)

  3. I though those torches were for re-soldering my pipes!
    This is the first time I’ve seen one used for crack-cocaine deserts!


  1. [...] Peach butterscotch is the absolute fruit-bomb.  We`ve had it on hand for 3 years and it`s an awesome compliment to your pantry – or your bowl of ice cream.  It`s also a lot of fun if you have a blowtorch and a banana. [...]

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