Something to be thankful for: WellPreserved

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving – a day of reflection, harvest and quiet thanks for all that we have.  It’s an exciting day for me and one that I get great enjoyment of.

The last year has been wonderful to us.  Beyond the most important delights (good health, great family, lovely friends and more), we have been surrounded by so many people and things to be thankful for.  Dana started her own company, I received International recognition (thanks to and along with my team at work), we have learned much and met so many great people.

If I could travel back in time to a year ago I know that I would be dumbfounded to hear the stories that came out of the last 365 days.  I would have never guessed of the amount of wonderful and passionate people we would have met, the amount of new friends gained and the amount of former friends who we shared unbelievable experiences with.  It is humbling to realize how much of that has been tied to this site/ blog/ experience and the people who share it with us.

I thought today would be as good as any to tell the story of conception.  The story of the planning, insight and creative genius that launched WellPreserved (tongue is firmly in cheek as I hope you will see below).  I can say, definitively, that without the launching of this blog that would life would have been dramatically different this year (and most of it has been improved through writing here).

I also want to tell this story because I think it is both funny and perplexing on how a little idea can change your entire life.

Dana woke up early on December 28th.  She was 2 months into her new business and waiting patiently for me to wake up later in the morning (a rare bit of sleeping in through the Holiday season – family had left the night before).  Dana is a graphic designer and was playing with ideas on how she could get the message out that we are very serious about food and many of the issues we are passionate about it.  She had won awards in the past for some of her food packaging and design and thought a blog might be a good start.

Dana likes technology – she’s not a programmer but gadgets are high on her list of favorite things.  It was her decision to start to play with twitter, start the blog and experiment with social media with no end goal in mind.  She had a prototype of WellPreserved online within two hours of conceiving it – while I still slept.

I woke up around 10.30.  We sat on the couch and I was trying to focus on my coffee.  She made what seemed like an incidental announcement; “I started a food blog and you can write on it from time to time.”

It was an odd passage of time.  The very moment I understood what she said, I recall thinking, “I’m going to post 100 posts in 100 days.”  I instantly understood that we now had a blog, we were now bloggers and that was simply just the way it was.  I also understood that saying that might not be a good idea – I am a kind of scary all-or-nothing person from time to time and didn’t want to scare or make her regret the idea.

I ran out of topics around day 85 and still struggle a few times a week wondering if I have anything left to share – which is a wonderful place to be.  It has forced us to learn more, share more and be conscious of what we eat and how it affects others.

Day 100 passed without much fanfare and I committed for 100 more.  The lease was renewed on day 200 for an undisclosed (yet definitive amount of time) and we will revisit the commitment at that time.

It’s more than 9 months later and I suppose it feels like WellPreserved has really been born.  I am so thankful for meeting so many great people, supporters of the local food movement, chefs, farmers and more.  We`ve been privileged to trade messages with people from all over the world and loved sharing our experiences (and laughing at our mistakes).  We are so grateful for the emails we receive, people we meet and places that the blog guides us to discover.

People have been gracious and we have been moved to near tears on he receipt of several touching messages and emails that people have sent our way.  WellPreserved is not the domain of Dana and I – it feels like it is a small community within a larger community that we have become connected with.  We welcome each of you here, encourage you to comment and share your experiences as well.  It is meant to be a place for all.

We are going to introduce some new features in the near future – selected opportunities to guest blog or share some of your stories will become part of what we’d like to share.  Profiles of normal people (like us) and their thoughts on philosophies on food and more resources to share will also appear.  We are always open to suggestion.  Thank you for being part of this journey.

I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I didn’t sleep in that day.  I wonder what would have happened if our guests left a day earlier and I slept in the day before instead.  Today I am thankful for just following our heart – and for being part of multiple communities that participating here have brought us to enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you also. I hope that the “undisclosed amount of time” that you have allotted for the blog’s continuation is a goodly number of years, not mere months!

  2. Hey guys!!

    Congratulations and thank you for taking this scarey journey!

    To many more 100 days of food exploration.




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