Something FRESH is in the air…

I have been meaning to post this trailer for some time.  Fresh appears to be a movie that attempts to answer some of the questions raised by many in the food movement and looks like an exciting positive spin on where we are at and where we need to be, in relation to food.

For more info, check out there site here.

Their distribution model is very different – they sell licenses for people to organize screenings in their areas.  Fall has us tied up but would anyone be interested in attending a Toronto screening if we found a way to make it happen in November?  Let us know if interested how many people you would bring.  We would also love to know if anyone would cross promote with their blogs.  This is not a definitive plan but thought I`d float the thought out to the Universe and see what falls from the sky!


  1. I’d be into attending/chipping in for a screening. Maybe you should put the word out on Twitter?

  2. Hey,
    This has similar footage to FOOD INC.
    Also fantastic.
    Count me in.

  3. I’d definitely be interested. If it were on the weekend I know at least one other person who would want to attend as well.

  4. I'd be into attendkng/chipping in for a screening. Maybe you should put the word out on Twitter?;

  5. I`m ready to help and attend!

    I can also cross promote on a number of blogs and food websites that I either own or manage.

    Well Preserved has become one of my favourite reads because you`re so practical and hands-on. Thanks for letting us share the results of your time and effort and enthusiasm.

  6. I would love to join the screening, so count me in as well (assuming that I am in town on the date that you choose).

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