Seasons of Facebook… Social Networking, Local Food and Preserving

Contest update: our biggest contest ever will be announced tomorrow – we had originally planned for today but timing (that will be more obvious tomorrow) has been adjusted slightly.  Seasons of Facebook... Social Networking, Local Food and Preserving

The world is getting smaller by the minute.  Our involvement in Social media (through this site as well as through our work) has really shown how connected we’re all becoming and how easy it is to become connected with those from every far away.

Over the last little while I’ve been really enjoying a couple of ways to connect with people through Well Preserved and I thought I’d share them – perhaps you want to play along!

  • Friday afternoon recipe ideas.  Over the winter I’ve had a lot of fun occasionally asking Twitter for fantastic weekend meal ideas.  I ask around lunch time, log off and continue with my day.  I log back on to Twitter at the end of the day and review any suggestions.  It’s been awesome to see a list of recipes from around the world and try different things that I never would have tried otherwise (the highlight was Butternut Squash and Hazelnut Lasagna from SKlose).
  • It’s been a lot of fun to ask the Facebook group what everyone’s cooking.  We’ve had a tonne of different answers that have inspired our kitchen and It’s been neat to hear what’s going on in everyone’s kitchen and it’s a constant reminder that I have to learn so much more about cooking than I am actually comfortable admitting to myself. Seasons of Facebook... Social Networking, Local Food and Preserving
  • Search Engine Terms used to find us.  This one is hidden behind the scenes but it’s a great deal of fun seeing what people search to arrive at WellPreserved (we don’t know who typed what, simply see the terms that are used when people search us out).  It’s been very interesting to see the changing of the seasons through search terms – as Strawberries have hit the Southern US and Asparagus are creeping northward (they’re available in the lower half of the US right now), searches for those recipes increase.  Just as seeing the first leaves will be a sure sign of spring, these terms are a steady reminder of the connections we all share to so many far away places.

The real joy of the global community came from an innocent question on the Facebook group this weekend.  We asked “What’s cooking in your kitchen?”.  The answers included:

  • Cleaning out my freezer for this years fruits…
  • Just picked up flat of fresh picked strawberries…
  • We are in Autumn and the cold rain has finally come….

How cool is that?  The posts (in order) show Spring, Summer and Fall – all on the same day!

We’re all in very different ‘local’ zones though we share a common bond of harvest, food, sharing and preparing it.  It’s such a reminder of how close – yet how far we all are.

If you’re looking to get more involved in meeting and sharing ideas of local food globally, here’s a few places to start:

I love all of the organic sharing that’s happening in so many digital spaces ‘out’ here!

Happy Monday all!


  1. very nice of you joel and dana! i love this cyber-grassroots movement we are all on. it feels important! …and fun of course!

    enjoy your vacation. eat well! :)

  2. This reminds me that I totally have to clean out my freezer! I’ve been promising to do it for over a year. (That’s scary.) What a nice post this is. I love the way social networks have helped me to create community around what matters to me — including (virtually) meeting you!

  3. The oddest search term I’ve had so far was “tetra tint chicken bread in Ohio”. Took me a moment to realize there was a misspelling involved!

    I’ve been leery of and staying away from social media like Twitter and Facebook. The negative stories leave me with a …mmm-maybe not… feeling. I’m sure I’m missing out on a great promotional tool, but I don’t feel secure enough about the sites to put up a page yet.

  4. Clearing out room in my freezer too!!! Have to make room for the dewberries, figs, grapes, plums, pears that will be in season here (Southeast Texas) in the spring and summer months.

  5. Nice Joel! Thanks! The virtual community is really amazing for so many reasons: information, connection, inclusion and inspiration!

  6. very happy i stumbled across your blog! (via twitter.) it inspired me to get going on fermenting again – currently on my counter are a jar of carrots and a jar of leeks. :)

    ps, i loved your post about making sauerkraut in scotland!

  7. Mad props to you guys! I am always learning from you! Thanks!

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