SeaChoice (an introduction and a new iPHONE Application!)

If you are new to SeaChoice, they are a Canadian organization dedicated to the education concerning the responsible consumption of fish and ocean fare for consumers, businesses and others.  David Suzuki, amongst others, is a member of the coalition that is behind SeaChoice.  Their information is starting to appear in more and more public places and they hope to influence the purchase of sustainable food from the sea.

Their material is super easy to follow.  The Canadian Seafood Guide covers more than 60 species of animals on a single page.  Canadian troll-caught Tuna is listed as a best choice, US Tuna contains some concerns and Bluefin is listed as something to avoid (this issue has been coming to a head this week at Nobu).

They also offer a Guide for Businesses (which includes a case study featuring Jamie Kennedy).  An eye-opening Sushi Guide provides more reflection and consideration for it’s readers.

In addition to the PDF documents above (and printed versions for your wallet), they have just launched a new application for your iPhone to support choices on the fly.  The application offers more than a simple recommendation on purchasing – it describes a bit about the fish and includes a small picture of the whole animal.  Check it out here (you can view it without an iPhone).

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