Salt Cured Mustard Seed Caviar

A few weeks ago we shared instructions on how to turn dried mustard seeds into caviar-like pearls.  We decided to cure a batch of them in salt.  Lots of salt:

Salt Cured Mustard Seed Caviar November Mustard Seed

The idea is simple: toss the ‘caviar’ into a clean jar, mix a lot of salt and allow it to sit for a few weeks in a warm space.  Stir or shake the jar every day or so.

A small amount of liquid was pulled out of the mustard; it remains in the jar and adds to the flavor of the mixture.  The liquid has the slightly sour taste of most ferments.

The mustard is very mild.  The dominant flavor is salt but the texture and taste of the seed remains.  It can be used in the place of salt – we’ve had it on salad (it was fantastic), used in soup, stir fry or any cooking that calls for salt.  It can be stored on the counter and should continue to improve in complexity with time.

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