Recap of Home Ec #8: Summer Fruit (and Teasing #9)

It’s tough to believe that August has come and gone!  We celebrated the heat of summer on August 28th with a Home Ec party dedicated to summer fruit!

This was the busiest Home Ec yet – there were more than 30 people through the evening and the food was amazing.

Recap of Home Ec #8: Summer Fruit (and Teasing #9)

MaryAnn (who has made it to every Home Ec) Fashioned to entire cases of Mason Jar Wine Glasses that became home to the cocktail of the week.  Her glasses were a hit as was Emily’s cocktail that included a tea infused lemon squash that we brought for her to add her magic.

A giant thanks once again to Margaret Mulligan for her amazing photography skills.  She took unbelievable shots while McGuyering a setup from an old chair and a bunch of construction paper. You can find Margarets work and contact through here.  She’s a great friend and a great talent.

If you haven’t made it out to Home Ec before, our next event is a week from tomorrow (Monday, September 24th).  It’s a non-competitive social evening that’s essentially a community potluck.  There’s always new people and we’re a welcoming bunch who enjoy meeting others as well as sharing food and friendship.  This month’s theme is honey (official announcements and some ideas coming tomorrow so stay tuned!)  There’s a host of posts from our events so far this year here (it’s always the last Monday of the month; except for December)!  There’s no cover and we give out badges (pins) that match the theme of each event – we hope to see you next week!

In the meantime, here’s a photo journal of the August event:

Recap of Home Ec #8: Summer Fruit (and Teasing #9)


  1. Wonderful photographs. A beautiful post.

    • Thank you Jean, I’ll make sure Margaret hears your kind words; she really is amazing! Thank you for taking the time to share your kind words – these ‘little’ gestures mean a lot to us all! :) Joel

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