Recap: Home Ec #11 – Preserve Swap!

We had the preserve swap last night.  A giant thanks to all those who showed up (as well as to the staff and friends at the Handlebar).  Several hundred preserves were swapped – and many more stories were shared between many regulars at Home Ec as well as a lot of new faces.  We had so much fun and hope everyone else did too!

We’re fortunate to have had our friend Margaret Mulligan capturing the evening again!  Margaret is an amazing professional photographer (her personal photoblog is here) came across town lugging her camera and took some amazing shots of the night.

Here’s some of her shots of the night:

Recap: Home Ec #11   Preserve Swap! preserve swapping November

Recap: Home Ec #11   Preserve Swap! preserve swapping November

What did we swap for?

  • Two different versions of tomato sauce
  • Lemon curd
  • Pickled Golden Beets
  • Savory concord grapes
  • Pickled purple beets
  • Dried sage
  • Fermented hot sauce
  • Nectarine and vanilla bean smash
  • Apple pear butter
  • Lemon pickle
  • Tomato butter
  • Cherry vanilla jam
  • Ginger pear and lime jam
  • Apple-lemon honey jam
  • Concord grape jam
  • Peach-vanilla rosemary jam
  • Peppermint hibiscus tea
  • Apple butter

I take all the blame for this photo of our haul:

Curious about our other events?  You can see a recap (and posters) of our past Home Ec events – as well as an invite to our Holiday Cookie and Sweet Swap on December 10th at The Avro (Leslieville, Toronto).


  1. Thanks for organizing this Joel!

    For the person who swapped me the horseradish – someone else mentioned that there may be a story behind it. I’d love to hear it!

    The kimchi was based on the basic recipe in Wild Fermentation, by Sandor Katz.

    The gin jam, which a few people asked about, was based on this, with apples, plums (about 1/4 of the fruit), lime, gin and rosemary.

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