Quench App: Eliminating Bottled Water for Free in Toronto

On a quest to end the use of plastic bottles, a new smart phone app called Quench helps Torontonians find fountains, stores and other locations that will fill your reusable water bottle for you!

Quench App: Eliminating Bottled Water for Free in Toronto water technology

The Water Brothers (and they really are related) are co-hosts of a TV Ontario show of the same name.  Their focus is to draw attention to water issues across our planet.

The app shows two sources of water – confirmed locations that are official distributors of water as well as user-submitted locations to harness the power of the crowd.

We just loved the idea and thought you might too!


  1. It’s so great to see this kind of support. It’s really a great way of using tools that are already available. Years ago when I traveled to South Korea I was amazed to see that water was offered for free almost everywhere you went. Grocery stores, gas stations, shops, all seemed to have stainless steel cups in a UV sterilized cupboard beside a fountain. There was a used cup receptacle and cups were washed before being put back in the cupboard. I found it refreshing that we weren’t being forced to spend money to fulfill this basic human need and I’m glad that Toronto now has a comparable alternative to disposable plastic bottles.

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