PSA: Pimp That Preserve III Is In The Works

We are about a month away from our third annual Pimp That Preserve contest!

PSA: Pimp That Preserve III Is In The Works October

For those who are new to it, Pimp That preserve will start sometime in November.  Participants (who are mostly ‘competing’ for fun and to share/ get ideas for decorating jars with many different holidays approaching) decorate jars and share photos of their entires.  There’s no cost to enter and people can enter multiple times.  Dana will post some of her ideas to help promote/ inspire ideas.  We often have a few small prizes but the main intent is to share and have fun together.

If you want to see some of the entries from previous years (or some of the jars Dana decorates to help inspire/ conspire), check out our archive of jar decorating ideas!

There were more than 100 entries last year and we hope to make this one the biggest one yet!  Start combing thrift stores, old cabinets and ‘mystery boxes’ for ideas – soon enough it will be time to share your pimped up jars for the world to see!


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