Preserving Raspberries Round-Up

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This weeks theme was: Rapberries!  New preservers will find everything they need to learn to preserve raspberries and veterans will (hopefully) find new ideas and great preserving ideas for one fo my favorite all-time berries to preserve!

Water Bath Canning

  • Raspberry Jam with Natural Pectin (Rachel Cotterill)  Raspberries have a lot of seeds – and that means there’s a lot of pectin.  By avoiding additional pecting you avoid additional sugar (pectin is generally very bitter); here’s a recipe for jam without pectin.
  • Raspberry Chia Jam (A House in the Hills) If you’re looking to add a little something ‘extra’ to your jam, why not consider this?
  • Rhubarb Raspberry Jam (Kitchen Joy) I had planned to make a batch of rhubarb-raspberry jam this year but rhubarb season ended a little early…
  • Russian Raspberry Preserves (Girls’ Guide to Guns and Butter) Although I’m not Russian, I grew up with jam similar to this as well.  It is really fantastic to see how different cultures identify with food that is sometimes so similar to what I grew up with as well.  I loved reading Sofya hinting that it was worth getting sick to eat this jam!
  • How to Make Seedless Raspberry Jelly (New Life on a Homestead) How to make seedless jelly from raspberries.  This recipe uses a jellysack to strain the berries (and has a great place to tie it from!)
  • Red Raspberry Jelly (Making Memories with Your Kids) Also a seedless jam, this  recipe shows you how to remove the seeds without a sack.
  • Honey Sweetened Raspberry Preserves (Food In Jars).  I love sweetening preserves with honey and Food in Jars shows us how.


  • How to Dehydrate Raspberries (Are We Crazy or What) I love that this post uses a vacuum sealer as an extra step to preserve the tastes of the berries at the end!
  • Raspberry Fruit Leather (Nosh on It)  Just like the fruit roll-ups I had as a kid – only different since these are homemade!

Cellar, Fridge and Freezer

  • How to Freeze Raspberries and Strawberries (Keeper of the Home) I like the mention of re-using parchment paper in this post.
  • How to Freeze Berries (Lakeview Farms) A super-short guide to freezing berries that’s perfect for quick-reads or skimmers!
  • 5 Ways to Freeze Berries (  Freezing can go beyond just preserving the berries as-is. Here’s a bunch of ideas for different ways to freeze berries (and a short round-up of ideas on how to use the frozen berries).
  • One-Pint Raspberry Jam (Canadian Living)  How to make 1-pint of jam for your fridge.

Fermenting Berries

  • Fermented Raspberry Leaf Tea (Hunger and Thirst) This is a fascinating idea!  A brilliant post that uses a pasta cutter to slice raspberry leaves and you ferment them to create tea leaves!
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Kombucha (Patrice D’Agostino) Use raspberry tea (like the one above) to flavor – and how to make your own SCOBY for kombucha.
  • How to second-ferment/ Flavor Kombucha (Devine Health from the Inside Out) How to add flavor to kombucha featuring raspberries and 23 other ideas.
  • Fermented Raspberry Sauces (Neo Homesteading).  I fermented berries for the first time a few years back and love making small ferments like this one; they are bitter and sweet and INTERESTING.
  • Lacto-fermented Berries (Oh Lardy) Oh Lardy makes a ‘fermenting stock’ to increase the amount of bacteria with the berries to encourage fermenting.
  • Fermented Rasberry Preserves (Nourishing My Life) Another take on fermented berries; I love to ferment raspberries as they often have a significant amount of wild yeast on them and are easy to work with).
  • Fruit Kvass (Rebecca Wood)  If you like kmbucha or are curious about fermenting non-alcoholic beverages, this recipe is a mist-read.
  • Raspberry Cordial (alcohol) (Too Many Chefs) Making booze is easy; this shows how remarkably simple it is.  The recipe is about a sentence long and there’s a page of tips to support it.  In short: raspberries and sugar will make booze.
  • Raspberry Wine – Tips from the Pros (Wine Maker Mag)  “Making” booze is easy but there’s an art to refining it.  Here’s a great place to learn some of the nuances.

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