Pimp that Preserve – Jar decorating Ideas (Tomato Sauce)

Here’s our second attempt at ‘Pimpin’.
If you missed the first one Chili Peppers you can check it out here.

Pimp that Preserve   Jar decorating Ideas (Tomato Sauce) wellpreservedpimpsthatpreserve December

If you read the blog regularly you’ll know that we do a BIG batch of tomato sauce every year with Joel’s parents. It’s a staple in our house and we don’t give it away much (we usually run out toward the end of the summer and Joel starts to get a bit stressed). So I had to give this one a little special treatment….

  • I gave the lid ring a shot of gold spraypaint to glam it up
  • The jar top is a small circle of leftover gold and black paper from the Japanese Paper Place (one of my favourite stores in Toronto!).
    - the gold “2011″ sticker is from my trusty labeller (i love that thing), I recently found out that gold label tape is available and was quite excited about that. I just nicked little triangles in the end to make it look ‘ribbony’ (call me Martha┬«)
  • The label is a two color lino block relief print. I carved 2 separate blocks (one for each color), hand inked and printed by hand on recycled craft paper using my (favourite possesion) little (100lb steel) Showcard Press. Lino block printing is easy and fun, you don’t need a press (I just love an excuse to use mine). The supplies can be picked up at any art store (for pretty cheap) and loads of tutorials can be found on good 0l’ youtube.

Reminder: the deadline for entries is midnight December 12th (EST), after that we’ll post the entries in an album on our facebook page and let the <liking> begin. For all the details check out this post if you haven’t already or check out all of the posts from last year and this year here.


  1. Beautiful … Martha

  2. Japanese Paper Place is my favourite too.

  3. love them!! sooooo talented.


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