Pimp that Preserve ~ inspiration 3 (contest info included).

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Here’s hoping that a lot of you are spending this weekend getting ready for the holiday…and perhaps Pimpin’ some Preserves for presents…entries have been a bit sparse and i’d LOOOOVE to give away this fantastic book “Canning and Preserving with Ashley English” (it’s great for beginners and experienced canners will find lots of inspiration). We also have a copy of Ashley’s book on Keeping Chickens that we’ll be finding a home for early in the new year. Contest info is at the bottom of the post…I’ve been having fun dressing up some jars…once you get into it you just want to keep going…beats the heck out of going to the mall for presents and I’ve been able to repurpose a lot of stuff I had around. I promise, you’ll look like a rock star if you show up at a dinner party with a fully pimped preserve.

I’m visiting my parents, just over an hour’s drive north of Toronto, we got totally dumped with snow in the early hours this morning. The first snow is always exciting but this was like going from fall to full on winter in a matter of hours. I took a big long walk with my dad and Shaeffer this morning down an old railway trail through the country (part of the trans canada trail)…beautiful sunny morning, I forgot how a big hit of snow seems to dull all the noise…really enjoyed the quiet.

So here’s my Pimped out preserve du jour….inspired by snowy days. Nothing warms you up like Carrot Cake Jam….yum.

Pimp that Preserve ~ inspiration 3 (contest info included). wellpreservedpimpsthatpreserve November

- I used the sleeve of a sweater from value village (someone had shrunk it up good for me!)

- some snowy decor pinecones were also found at value village

- got the tiny little string of lights from my mom, she has a big box of random things (guess i come by my collecting honestly)

- i did buy the little dear at a toy shop when we were out shopping yesterday, thought it would be a cute addition to a jar

- used a brother p-touch to make an adhesive label


Pimp that Preserve ~ inspiration 3 (contest info included). wellpreservedpimpsthatpreserve November

Here’s the Details:

* Embellish, package or otherwise ‘dress up’ your favourite  jar of preserves with anything you like as long as it doesn’t damage the contents or break the seal.

* Send us a JPG of your creation to wearewellpreserved at elevenideas dot ca subject line: Pimp my Preserve.

All entries must be received by 10pm EST November 29th, 2010.

We will post the entries and leave it to you guys to vote for a winner! Winner will be announced the 2nd week of December.
The winner will be contacted by email and receive an autographed copy of “Canning & Preserving with Ashley English”
**have fun!**
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