Pimp that Preserve -Ideas (Pickled Garlic)

We made tonnes of pickled garlic for this years Slow Food Picnic at the Evergreen Brickworks. It was also our contribution to “We Sure Can” - Sarah B. Hood’s fantastic book (and one of the prizes!). We’ve been bringing it to dinner parties and dressing it up for the past few months so I wanted to do something a little different….

What else is garlic good for? Staving off Vampires! Or in the words of wikipedia – an effective apotropaic to ward-off revenants!

Pimp that Preserve  Ideas (Pickled Garlic) wellpreservedpimpsthatpreserve December


So with this post I’d like to inspire you to do 2 things:

1. think differently about your preserves, (we told the kids that pickled beens were ‘witch fingers’ when we made a guest appearance in October at Joshna Maharaj’s cooking class). Make them even more fun, or inspire different uses.  Garlic has a long history of medicinal and health benefits, which is why it also came to be known to ward off all kinds of evil.

2. use what you know: do you love to take great pictures, sew, sculpt, fingerpaint, doodle, knit? find a way to use what you like to do to dress up your jars. I’m not a ‘natural’ crafty person, it takes me way longer to come up with those kinds of ideas (and execute them) than it does for me to do something like this. I love an excuse to design without many constraints or use my beloved press to do a linoblock print.

…combining what you love makes it much more rewarding…so does sharing. So if anyone wants dress up their pickled garlic I’m including PDF files of my ‘Vampire Begone’ labels if you want ‘em.  Click here to get free copies of the source files for our garlic labels so you can print your own (and other handy links, including to the recipe for pickled garlic) !

Maybe  jar of “Vampire Begone ~ a guaranteed effective apotropaic to ward off revanants” and a copy of “We sure can” would make a great gift to inspire a new Preservationist in your life.

We’ve been getting loads of entries..and can’t wait to get the voting started next week! keep ‘em coming!

Reminder: the deadline for entries is midnight December 12th (EST), after that we’ll post the entries in an album on our facebook page and let the <liking> begin. For all the details check out this post if you haven’t already or check out all of the posts from last year and this year here.


  1. Oh as if that isn’t the best thing ever!

  2. Those are REALLY nice labels. Love the hexagon shape….

  3. love these! :)

  4. Now that I have seem more printed labels that look exactly like the concept I am determined to make my laser printer print exactly what I see in Photoshop and not whatever color it wants….Argh. Ubuntu needs to play nicer with my color profiles….

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