Pimp that Preserve – Ideas (Honey Ginger Cordial)

Well here it is! our last one…no shortage of ideas this year..just a shortage of time to have fun doing them. Once you get going…it’s tough to stop…but preserves make great gifts all year! This one feels a bit summer-y.

Joel made Honey Ginger Cordial…we keep it in a big mason jar in the fridge, but I wanted to do ONE pimpin’ idea that didn’t involve a jar…

Pimp that Preserve   Ideas (Honey Ginger Cordial) wellpreservedpimpsthatpreserve December

I found this vintage soda bottle in a local hand made furniture store (Kimberley Jackson does indeed make ‘beautiful’ things…I wish I could fit them in our apartment!). I picked up a bunch for these type of occasions…and they look really cute with flowers in them too.

The re:cap was found in a store on West Queen West (a pop-up shop called BYOB). A really cool local brewery seems to be distributing them (I did some googling)…Here’s where you can get them in Toronto. It’s a great idea, not that there’s ever beer left over in our house…but it works on these vintage bottles just fine!

Only a few more hours to get your own ideas over to us! Entries will go up tomorrow and let the voting begin!! can’t wait.


Reminder: the deadline for entries is midnight December 12th (EST), after that we’ll post the entries in an album on our facebook page and let the <liking> begin. For all the details check out this post if you haven’t already or check out all of the posts from last year and this year here.


  1. OMG I need to get soem of those recaps….off to send the link to our new local brew store!

    I have some blueberry liquor that could suffer a cap like that on our mini sparkling apple cider/wine bottles.

  2. Nice one guys. Truth: I designed Kensington Brewing Co’s site. Small world, Toronto.

  3. That honey ginger cordial looks delicious. And I really like how you decorated the bottle. Where do you get twine like that?

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