Pimp that Preserve…contest!

***I’m working on a post to announce the winner…but if you want a preview…head on over to our Facebook page! (it’s in the photos)***

We received so many great ideas for Pimpin’ Preserves, I think a lot of people are going to be happy to get some stylish looking edible gifts this Holiday season…so without further ado…Here are the entries! Have a look through and make sure to cast your vote at the bottom…the winner will be announced Friday December 17th and contacted via email so we can get the details and send them their prize….“Canning and Preserving with Ashley English”.

**Late entry!! UPDATE**  My email seems to have a hate-on for gmail lately, and I didn’t notice that this lovely entry was sent in on time from Kelly at Eat Local London….. but landed in my junk mail (insert sad emoticon). So we have a number 11 (my personal and favourite lucky number)….so let’s help her catch up on the votes! Kelly Snagged this great ribbon at Michaels and the paper is Amy Butler (love!) Such a pretty idea, definitely approprate for a birthday gift as well or even wedding favours! So scoot down to the bottom to the voting panel and submit your vote now…send it along to friends who might like some ideas as well.

Pimp that Preserve...contest! wellpreservedpimpsthatpreserve December

Pimp that Preserve...contest! wellpreservedpimpsthatpreserve December


This one is from Andrea…excellent use of crochet in jar pimpin’, and the green apple jelly has such a beautiful color (and sounds delicious).

Heather and Colette used dried roses to tart up their port pear compote…I feel like a cup of tea and some scones served on one of those fancy silver trays in the background.

Rachelle adds allspice to her pickled yellow beans (we’re going to have to try that), she pimped up this great gift with a real acorn and and some leaf charms from a broken piece of jewellry….she told me it reminds her of fall and the last harvest of the garden…I agree (nice touch with the old crate in the background).

Tamir titled his entry ‘Busker Applesauce’…this is so much fun, the apple sauce is cozy and warm…and is clearly very talented. (I’m a big fan of the Ork poster used in the background – have to get one for my studio)

Stephanie sent us her “Flamenco Salsa”  and her “tongue is burning fiercely”…love it!

The Boyd Sisters sent us some neato pimped out pickled eggs…this one cracks me up (yeah, couldn’t resist!) Ridiculously cute! Go check out their blog The Harvest Kitchen Sisters….we’re well aquainted with the ‘country sister’…we’ve been enjoying our vegetables from Kawartha Ecological Growers thanks to her and her local food guru husband!

Number 7 comes from Lindsay from Uncanny (it’s uncanny how many people we know from Sackville!..sorry, i’m on a roll). The picture makes me think of summer, love the pretty card attached with a simple ribbon…it feels so fresh. Lindsay has some brandied vegan mincemeat on her site…tis the season.

Kaela from Local Kitchen did so many I had trouble choosing just 3…you can see everything she did on her blog Including a recipe on designing your own label…..I chose the 9 chili salsa because I love the radio active label and the dried chilli from her own CSA

I loved this one because she sourced this prettiness from her own back yard (and i’m envious…if i did that i’d have to use an old coffee cup and a discarded chip bag…boo)

Kaela dressed up her spicy garlic cucumber pickles for Hanukkah with some spare buttons and some beautiful bits of ribbon…super clean looking.

Number 9 comes from our friend Diana at Flohaus, she made this ‘preserve cozy’ out of bits of old sweaters (probably left over from her AWESOME contribution to the Chair Affair). There’s a little window in the top so you don’t miss the label (one of our business cards!) and it unzips to reveal the preserve…zuccini relish that inspired the colors of the cozy. I wish I was better at sewing! Diana has put up a post with instructions….

and finally (a nice even number) 10 is from Laura at Cubitts Organics (where you can order rare and heirloom seeds for your garden!). She had a great idea to repurpose old holiday cards (you could get tonnes of vintage ones on ebay)…i love the snowflake punch idea…it would show the gold or silver jar lid underneath.

Well that was fun! Now it’s time to vote:

If you missed our ìnspiration`posts, click here to see a list of all the posts in this series (and even more ideas on wrapping your jars).  We`d also love to get lots of comments to share with the brave souls who joined in on the fun – love them all..


  1. So many great ideas! But I love, love, love the Boyd Sister’s Pickled Eggs! Fabulous – brava!

  2. I didn’t even think to say that the crochet flower on my jar is, in fact, an apple blossom. But I suppose if it isn’t recognizable, I didn’t do so well, huh?

    • laughing…Andrea I think you can blame our city sensibilities and the fact that, sadly, neither of us have seen an apple blossom in 10+ years over any skill deficit :)

  3. Wow! These are so beautiful. Some wonderful ideas on dressing up some seriously tasty preserves! Thanks for the beautiful write-ups. My vote is totally for Kaela. It’s simple, elegant and the decoration highlights themes or flavors of the preserves. I like!

    @Well Preserved – That’s awesome! It seems like everyone knows someone from Sackville; it’s that kind of place.

  4. It was SO fun pimpin’ preserves! The entries are amazing and really different from one another. Too bad you couldn’t lick the screen for a taste test! Good luck everyone!!

  5. Such a fun vote!

  6. #9 gets my vote!

  7. Thank you so much for entering me in! Super fun contest and amazing blog :) Luv you guys!

  8. #11 gets my vote.

  9. Super fun stuff. I found this too late to vote (or enter!) but it still made me smile AND gave me a few great ideas.
    Thanks for putting together a fabulous contest and writing a great blog about it.


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