Pimp That Preserve 2012: The Winners!

We’re pleased to share the ‘winners’ from our 2012 version of “Pimp That Preserve!”  “Winners’ is in quotes because I think anyone who submitted or was inspired by the ideas this awesome community came up with were all winners.

Just like last year (and as we announced in advance), we name a honorary winner based on who gets the most votes.  Because we don’t want to make this a competition on who has the most friends on Facebook, we give away prizes at random (each ‘like’ a photo got counts as a vote so the people who did get more votes have more ballots).  We’ve decided to furnish a prize for the honorary winner as well as 3 others.

Dana is working on an original design/ print or piece of art for each of our 4 winners.  We’ll send an email to each this week and will ship your piece when it’s complete sometime in the next month (as any preserver knows, a little extra patience is well worth the wait)!

Without further adieu, here’s our winners from 2012!

The People’s Choice with the most votes is this amazing Christmas scene created by Alex (of Plaid Raspberries) – it even lights up!

Pimp That Preserve 2012: The Winners! Pimp That Preserve

Our random winners (they were chosen using a random number generator in Excel) begin with Grace’s merit badge:

Pimp That Preserve 2012: The Winners! Pimp That Preserve

Next up is Patricia (who almost also won the most ‘LIKES’ as well)  with her trio of hot pepper jellies (they look awesome – especially in French!):

Last up is Sean (from Spectacularly Delicious) with his Strawberry Marmite preserves (Dana is a giant Marmite fan but I promise that didn’t influence the random numbers!):

If you want to see all of the entries from 2012, click here!

Congrats to everyone – and thank you all for playing along!  We’re open to any suggestions or feedback for next year; we’re considering a few tweaks including possibly renaming the contest.  We’re all ears!


  1. dixiebelle says:

    Excellent work to all the ‘winners’. It was fun to participate, and as I listen to the jiggle of 15 pounds of pressure preserving my jars of brined & solar cooked roast chicken, I am thinking of my entries for next year.

    Thanks guys for doing this for your ‘community’!

    PS. I love the name!

    • Dixiebelle,

      Thank YOU so much for entering – as always, you are an awesome supporter and member of this community – even from so far away!

      Do you have a post or info on this solar roast chicken? I’m so curious and want to know! :)

      • dixiebelle says:

        I brined two chickens in salt, bay leaves, dried oregano & a bit of pickling mix for a couple of days (I sometimes use water kefir in the brine too, if I have any ‘spare’). Then we have a Sun Cook Solar Oven, and cooked them for a few hours, with some preserved lemon inside them. As the juices came out into the baking dish, most of the chicken slow cooked, and the top parts got all golden brown and crispy! Cooking for free by the sun, and the food tastes great! I haven’t blogged much about it, as still experimenting really, but here is a bit of info: http://eatatdixiebelles.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/solar-cooking-adventures-more-about.html It works well in Australian conditions.

        • Dixiebelle,

          This is really awesome – love your post and will go back and check it again. I’ve seen one set up in Toronto but it wasn’t nearly as clever as yours (the amount of mirrors/ reflective surfaces you have is the biggest difference). This could be a fun project for our hot summers!

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