Pimp that Preserve 2012 ~ inspiration

We’re coming up on the deadline for this years ‘Pimp that Preserve’!

Next week is looking SUPER busy for us so I’ve decided to extend the deadline to NEXT friday (December 14th)! We’ll post them on the 17th for your voting pleasure and declare a winner before Christmas. In the mean time, come back here over the next few days for a few of our own ‘pimped up’ preserves. Hopefully we can inspire you to send one in or do a few more. It’s easy, and fun (and an excellent way to procrastinate studying! not that I advise that or anything…but that’s what I’ve been doing!). Anyway…here’s the first one. Couple more to come!

Pimp that Preserve 2012 ~ inspiration December


See how super simple!? We use kraft paper to wrap any and all presents in our house (also used for table cloths and random brainstorming sessions), I buy a GIANT roll and it lasts almost 2 years…always handy. I had an end piece left over so I decided to do a couple of tiny linocuts. Lino block printing is pretty much like making your own stamps. The two little rubbery looking squares in the photo are the stamps, these ones are cut from Speedball easy cut…it’s super soft so very easy to cut, you can pick up the basic tools at most craft supply stores (very inexpensive). For artwork I prefer mounted brown lino, but easycut is great for this type of thing when you want that slightly messy, not a lot of detail look. I used the blocks to stamp all over a little piece of kraft paper, then stamped a matching tag and wrapped twine around the top. Super easy, and fun. Relief printmaking is a great way to craft your own custom patterns and labels for your preserves.

Can’t wait to see more of your ideas! send them along to contests@wellpreserved.ca

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