Pimp that Preserve 2011 – Jar Decorating Ideas

We’re getting LOTS of entries…which is awesome. Truth be told I extended the deadline last year because we were short of entries until the last second! So we’re pretty excited by what we’ve seen so far and can’t wait to get the voting started over on the facebook page next week.

Reminder: the deadline for entries is midnight December 12th (EST), after that we’ll post the entries in an album on our facebook page and let the <liking> begin. For all the details check out this post if you haven’t already.

Like last year, we’ve been working on some ‘Pimpin’ of our own…and thought we’d share to show you how fun it is and perhaps inspire some more entries! I’m going to be posting a whole bunch leading up to the deadline. Here’s the first:

Pimp that Preserve 2011   Jar Decorating Ideas wellpreservedpimpsthatpreserve December

Hot Chili Peppers. It’s pretty simple…

  • I gave the lid ring a shot of glossy red spraypaint (after the food was cooled out of the hot water bath)
  • The little tags are from an office supply store and are fed onto some divinetwine that’s wrapped a few times around the jar
  • The lid liner is just a scrap of thick white paper that i doodled on with a red marker.

The spraypainting was the hardest (and grossest) part, you could probably use model paint as well. My main objective is to not damage the jars so they’re reusable for preserving in the future…so playing around with the lid ring is okay.

For all the details check out this post if you haven’t already or check out all of the posts from last year and this year here.



  1. Three ideas in one! Awesome.

  2. Jen Wittlin says:

    I love the red doodle! You could scan it and use it repeatedly.

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