Picnic at the Brickworks 2009

Sunday was the now-annual fundraiser for Slow Food Toronto and Evergreen.  For those who haven’t been, it’s essentially an all-you-can-eat buffet of awesomeness!

Picnic at the Brickworks 2009 October

Some of the cities top chefs were paired with local farmers and given a region of the world to be inspired by.  There was ample beer and wine as accompaniment as well.  More than 60 restaurants were represented in total – including Amuse-Bouche , Langdon Hall, Pangaea, Canoe, Vertical, C5, Cowbell, Globe and more.  A full list and what they prepared appears here.

The event was extremely well organized, staffed with great volunteers (thank you to them!) and, though very busy, not overwhelming with people.

The talk of the town appeared to be locally frown kiwis!  It appears that grape-sized kiwis can grow near Barrie.  They were served in a wine jelly on top of a fresh basil leaf and were fantastic.

Picnic at the Brickworks 2009 October

The event is a fundraiser for two great causes in this city – Evergreen and Slow Food Toronto.  It’s price tag of $110 is well worth saving for.  We’ll let the food speak for itself now:

Do not miss this even next year – if you attended this year and have pics online, feel free to post links in our comments!


  1. Norm Soley says:
    • awesome pictures Norm – far more on people – somethin I have to work the courage up to :) If you are reading this and haven’t clicked on the link to Norms pictures, please do, they’re great!


  2. Is that last photo of the bison sausages from Mountain Lake Bison Range?

    • Al,

      It is indeed the Bison Sausage but I missed the vendor and the taste…though I did hear good things… It was the only Bison Sausage I know of that was there and is only Bison sausage that appears on the lineup so thinking it is. Did you attend yesterday? If so, what did you think?

      • Norm Soley says:

        Actually, I’m pretty sure that those sausages are the Angelo Bean wine infused Tamworth sausages, the bison sausages had a different look (thinner)

        • Norm could be right as well – the second pic should clarify that for Arlene and Aaron… I missed tasting both and was pointed in the general direction without tasting :)

  3. Sadly I didn’t attend. Mostly financial reasons. But pretty much all of the red meat I cook and consume is fully grassfed Ontario bison. My supply comes primarily from Arlene and Aaron at the Mountain Lake Bison Range, and Todd at his Cape Chin Farm. I’ll send the Mountains a copy of the photo. They had partnered with Provenance for the Brickworks. I also helped produce a basic video at their farm showing how they raise their animals. It’s on YouTube.
    The other meat farmer I work with is Lyle Renecker whose elk was featured by Langdon Hall at the Brickworks this year. I think they used a version of our ‘pulled elk sandwich’. Recipes are on http://www.eatingelk.com

    • Al, I added another photo for you and your friends in case they wanted..http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2593/3985736022_95995667d5.jpg If they want the high res of either we’d have to figure out how to send but they are welcome to it and all rights…

      I’ll check out the video – would you mind if we posted it here with a link to you? Would love to support the work of other locals…

      I missed the Langdon Hall piece though several friends did and raved. They had one of the neater presentations – a small slice of a log that was branded with a hot iron and their logo. I will have to try the elk with moose or deer and will check out the farmers you work with – they both sound great!

      This was a hefty day for us – a friend volunteered and got almost 2 hours at the event walking around for no cost. She ate every bit as much as we did, stayed off the alcohol though :)

  4. Thanks, got the 2nd photo. I’ll pass them both by my chef partner and see if we can decide which sausages these are.
    The Mountains are pretty low tech (no tv, computer, etc.) so any photos will probably end up printed.

    We were not totally happy with our first video (trying to do it cheap) but it does show the essentials of a grass-fed operation.

  5. Ms. Shorty says:

    Yummo Elk….thanks Al for those recipes.

    New kitchen and new stove coming in October. Looks like I will have fun trying some Elk out in the near future.


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