Join us for a Hands-On Fermenting Workshop!

Only 24 hours left

…to snag a VERY LIMITED number of spots for our Hands-On Fermenting Workshop in Manning Canning’s brand spankin’ new Commercial Rental Kitchen!! Head over to Christine’s ‘KitchenStarter Kickstarter‘ to pick them up (it’s the 8th one down). We’re really happy to help promote this project (as we said in this post )…it’s a really amazing much needed resource and hub for small food makers in our city.
Be one of the FIRST to experience it with us! 

Join us for a Hands On Fermenting Workshop!

Here’s the description:

Two tickets to a hands-on fermenting workshop with Dana and Joel from Well Preserved in the very space you helped fund. The workshop will teach you how to ferment 3 easy recipes that require no special equipment. You’ll learn about the science of fermentation and learn how simple it is to make things like kraut, pickles, hard cider and more. Participants will leave with a grab bag which includes a poster, samples of the recipes that they’ve made, and some small equipment that will make fermenting even more fun and easy for you. Fermentation class with be on one of these 3 dates – so please ensure you are available FEBRUARY 11, 18 or 25th (wednesdays).

Kickstarting: Manning Canning Rental Kitchen

Our friend (and past HomeEc and HomeEc Kitchen Big Outdoor Party participant), Christine Manning is in the middle of an incredibly ambitious, exciting and promising Kickstarter campaign – and she’s almost 50% of the way to achieving her $35,000 target!

Christine’s goal is as ambitious as her vision: one of the major obstacles of entrepreneurs starting local food businesses in Ontario is the lack of a commercial kitchen to prepare their food from. Without access to a commercial kitchen entrepreneurs cannot produce food which can be sold commercially.

Craft Brewers solve this problem through sharing facilities. Established brewers will rent their equipment to less established breweries to help them develop revenue streams and grow their businesses and brands until they can develop enough capital to start their own (or, in some cases, continue to live symbiotically). The Manning Canning Rentable Kitchen would provide a similar opportunity to entrepreneurs in the local food scene to grow and develop their brands as well as provide a space that she can grow her preserve business (which in turn supports farmers and other small food businesses in Toronto).

Here’s her video where she explains in in her own words:

Christine has a bunch of fun incentives on her Kickstarter (with more coming); so check it out over here! Supporting her will support many small food businesses and dreams in Toronto and the surrounding area!

Rooftop Bees at The Royal York in Toronto

As part of our HomeEc Big Outdoor Kitchen Party, we had the chance to take a small group of people onto the roof of the Fairmont Royal York (they were a sponsor of the event) to see their apiary (bee hives)!  The hives are perched well above the city and close to their rooftop garden.

The hives are located away from the area the general public has access to (they are about 30 feet away).  People used to have closer access to the bees but a few biting incidents resulted in the small barrier and it’s probably better for most people – and for the bees.

There were bees all through the garden though they really left us alone as they are prone to do.  The hotel harvests several hundred pounds of honey per year which it uses in it’s kitchens as well as mixing it into a special honey beer that’s only available at the hotel.  Beyond all else it was just super cool to see bees fitting into the urban landscape so effortlessly.


Rooftop Bees at The Royal York in Toronto Honey bees [Read more...]

Food Ethics: Exploring My Hipocrisy Around Food

I recently had the opportunity to share the stage at Raconteurs Storytelling in Toronto.  Racounteurs is an amazing project which assembles a bunch of speakers around a loose topic and each shares the stage with a story about the topic.

I decided to explore my relationship with food and, specifically, how my choices in food often make me feel like a hypocrite and how my relationship to food and what I eat has changed over the years (as I suspect it will continue to).  It’s fairly graphic and shares my experiences as a near-vegetarian, hunter, eater and as someone who spent a brief amount of time working on a pig farm, seeing chickens slaughtered and learning how to skin rabbits at the age of 4.

This video explains a lot of the motivation behind WellPreserved and the reasons why we continue to publish articles and learn more about what we eat.  I hope it also conveys that we aren’t judging others for their choices – I barely have my own figured out.

I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts or experiences.

Rooftop Garden at The Fairmont Royal York Toronto

As part of our Big Outdoor Kitchen Party, we had the opportunity to take a small group of people onto the rooftop garden and apiary of the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto (who sponsored the event).

We brought 18 people onto the roof and were given a tour and were impressed by the garden (which is used as an educational and inspirational garden for the kitchen and small groups like ours).  We’ll share more about the bees on Monday.

The tour showed the dramatic contrast between the thriving gardens and the giant buildings which surround it.  It was fantastically interesting and peaceful – it was easy to forget we were 12 stories over the city.

Rooftop Garden at The Fairmont Royal York Toronto

Rooftop Garden at The Fairmont Royal York Toronto

[Read more...]

HomeEc: The Big Outdoor Kitchen Party

We’re recovering from the HomeEc Big Outdoor Kitchen Party; more than 20 vendors, speakers, authors and other food nerds joined close to 1,000 visitors to celebrate local food, preserving and our shared passions around making stuff.

I’ll be sharing a review of the weekend and a bunch of posts based on the event and some of the things that happened in the last week but today isn’t a day for celebrating – it’s a day to be thankful.

This event would not have happened without any of the following so I thank all of you loudly and without ranking you:

  • The people who attended.  Who engaged with our friends who had booths or shared the stage and tried their food and bought stuff to take with them.  Without you, this event would not have been as fun or successful as it was.
  • The people who promoted and shared on social media.  We had a massive groundswell of support on social media in the days leading up to the event; thank you for getting the word out and about town.
  • The people who cheered us on from around the world who couldn’t make it.  We received emails, tweets and messages from people from all over this community who encouraged us to keep going.  THANK YOU.
  • The Fairmont Royal York who sponsored the event, provided accommodations for our guest and gave a small group of us a private tour of their rooftop garden and apiary.  We also tried their honey beer and it was great!
  • Marisa McClellan (Food in Jars) who flew here from Philadelphia.  She’s been an online friend for more than half-a-decade and I’m thrilled that Dana and I can now call her a friend in ‘real life’ as well.
  • Our recipe developers who I have tried to keep up with but struggled with the volume of questions and the launching of this event.  You’ve all been supportive and I’ll be ramping up more writing/ communication now that life is coming back to normal!
  • Appetite/ Random House for being part of our events and supporting us while we launch an event like this and try to keep up to our writing schedule, photographs and recipe development.
  • Harborfront Centre and Sarah Gillett for taking a risk on us.  We had managed popups for years but nothing of this scale.  They supported us through the event and we were fortunate to have partners like them.
  • Our vendors and speakers who we are proud to call friends (a few of them are newer than others but this was truly a group of people who we genuinely like as people as well as for the businesses that they lead).
  • Friends and family who continue to go above and beyond, especially when we choose to chase wacky ideas.  They’re constantly there, pitching in, showing up at our events, making us smile, cheering us on and doing the heavy lifting without a complaint.

I hope I haven’t missed anyone though I always fear I have.

We’ll share more soon – but I can’t find the words to express just how thankful we are for each of you.

PS If you attended the event – we’d love to have your feedback in case we decide to do this again!

Schedule of Speakers for Today’s Kitchen Party

We’re getting so very close to #WPKitchenParty (Canada’s largest celebration of preserving) – here’s the schedule of talks and demos for tomorrow (Sunday, September 14, 2014):

Schedule of Speakers for Todays Kitchen Party

In addition to talks and demos, you can eat, sample and buy great food and drink, small batch preserves and artisanal food products. Honey, jam, jelly, pickles, kimchi, goat milk chocolate, local non-GMO cooking oils, hot sauces and more! Enjoy some great food, a glass of local wine, mead, cider or kombucha and talk preserving, farming and food with one of the many experts on site.

Schedule of Speakers for Todays Kitchen Party

We are excited to have Marisa McClellan from Food in Jars visiting us this weekend! She arrives tomorrow and is doing a small (sold out) intimate preserving class with us. We’ll be touring around Toronto all weekend but you can come out and meet her on SUNDAY at the Kitchen Party (did I mention…it’s FREE?) Bring a copy of Food in Jars or Preserving by the Pint for Marisa to sign (she’ll have a very limited number of copies available for sale…i’d love to encourage you to buy from your local small book seller like: The Cookery on Roncy, or Type Books on Queen or Good Egg in Kensington!).

The event runs from 11-5 (and it’s free).  You’ll find us at the North Exhibition Common, which is part of Harbourfront Centre) – there’s a map in the post card above (or on GoogleMaps)

Hope to see you there!

We’ve Been Busy!

Hi Everyone! You may have noticed a lull in our usually consistent posting here. We’ve been so busy with great WellPreserved projects!

We hope you’re having a great preserving season – there’s 7 years worth of preserving recipes and inspiration to be had here in the archives. Along the top of the page (look up!…way up) is an alphabetical menu of ingredients…so if you’re looking for ideas that are specific for something you’re preserving, that’s where to look!

Here’s what we’ve been busy on…..first is The Home Ec Big Outdoor Kitchen Party that we’re throwing here in Toronto!! Hope you can come out and meet us and some of our great guests FACE-to-FACE this sunday! Loads of FREE demos and talks…more information and a full list of participants and presenters HERE

and Marisa is coming!!

Weve Been Busy!

We are excited to have Marisa McClellan from Food in Jars visiting us this weekend! She arrives tomorrow and is doing a small (sold out) intimate preserving class with us. We’ll be touring around Toronto all weekend but you can come out and meet her on SUNDAY at the Kitchen Party (did I mention…it’s FREE?) Bring a copy of Food in Jars or Preserving by the Pint for Marisa to sign (she’ll have a very limited number of copies available for sale…i’d love to encourage you to buy from your local small book seller like: The Cookery on Roncy, or Type Books on Queen or Good Egg in Kensington!).

Also bring your copies of Meghan Telpner’s “Undiet” and David Ort’s “The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook” as they will both be on hand presenting!

Weve Been Busy!

Free Event! No ticket required! Come all Day!!

and of course…we’ve also been hard at work on our OWN cookbook. In the past few months HUNDREDS of preserving and cooking recipes have been developed and have been sent out all over the world for testing! We spent Labour Day Weekend in the kitchen testing them out ourselves and making sure we have enough for photography and testing the other great meal recipes in the book.

We also finished our first photoshoot, follow us on Instagram and check out the hashtag #BatchCookbook to see some outtakes and watch our amazing photographer Margaret Mulligan literally scale walls to get the perfect shot. You’ll have to wait until 2016 to get your hands on it though so mark your calendar. It’s going to be EPIC.

We will be getting back to regular posting and creating our weekly newsletter in the next couple of weeks. In the mean time you can sign up for it over there in the sidebar. It’s only going to get better this year!!!

* yes…this is a LOT for 2 people (with other full time jobs)… it truly does ‘take a village’ and we’d really never ever be able to do any of this great stuff without the help and support of all of our friends and family and the amazing community of canners and preservers and food/restaurant/writers in Toronto and afar…so THANK YOU (there will be many thank you’s this year!!).




Joel in the Toronto Star – Supporting Big Ideas

I had a chance to appear in the Toronto Star last week (that’s me in the bottom right):

Joel in the Toronto Star   Supporting Big Ideas

The Star has been running a piece on ‘Big Ideas.’  Past speakers from TEDxToronto were invited to choose one of the ‘top’ ideas and support the idea that they thought could have a significant impact on our city.  I choose to support Adopt a bold food strategy.  My justification for such was:

Transforming our food policy has the potential to reduce congestion on roads with less need to transport (food), lower cost of healthy food by building infrastructure, reduce waste, decrease health costs, lower hunger, increase food security, lower cost of living, lower the environmental impact of our food system, increase employment and enhance community. Every one of us needs to eat. By improving food policy we are improving the quality of life for every individual, and this is why it has my vote.

It was a lot of fun to be part of – especially since many of the people that I share the page with have become friends and people who inspire me greatly since speaking at TEDxToronto.

What would be your big idea to change your world?

A giant thanks to the TEDxToronto team for inviting me to be part of this!

We’re Back….!


I know that I suddenly disappeared about two weeks ago – all is well and I’m glad to be back.  Where have I/ we been?

We’ve been here:

Were Back....!

I know that’s a little obscure on the surface, so let me dive a little deeper: that’s a photo of a spreadsheet with 56,000+ cells of data (i.e. I’m not counting the blanks).  It took about 6 weeks to create and I had to give in to allow it to take over every free minute (quite literally) so that I could get a handle on organizing recipe testing for our upcoming book.

I’m really excited about the book and believe it will be incredibly easy to follow – but it’s a nightmare to coordinate testing!  The book takes a look at large spectrum of preserving and cooking (from making booze to air drying vegetables) that create a challenge when assigning recipes for testing!

We’re in the final process of sending recipes (the remaining are all late-harvest ingredients which I expect to finish in the next few days though I keep thinking I’m going to finish ‘tomorrow’ and, even with 10 hours of work, it doesn’t happen) to the initial group of testers.  If you applied to test and haven’t heard anything yet know that I’ll be in touch with some fall recipes in the next few weeks once I see which recipes have been tested and which ones still lack volunteers.

I can’t say this enough: we’re incredibly fortunate to have the support of the people we do.  Emails have been coming in from around the world as people ask questions and share their ideas.  It’s slightly overwhelming but only because we both feel so unbelievably supported by so many.  I’ve run out of words to say thanks but there are moments that I can barely sleep as I reflect on the good fortune that so many are bringing through their help.  You will make this book better than I/we ever could alone.

I believe I’ll be back to regular posting as of this week as well.  I may miss a day or two in the coming month but things are already feeling much more manageable (though we do have 150 recipes to make as we prepare for photoshoots for the book!)

We’ll also have some really exciting news to share later this week about the Big Outdoor Kitchen Party.