Overview of New Features on WellPreserved

Over the last few weeks we’ve been doing a lot of work on the backend of the website as well as working on bringing some significant changes to our website.  We leaked the news of the first of the changes last night and I’m pleased to rollout a bunch of enhancements that we hope you’ll like this evening.

There will be some more changes in coming weeks – some of them will be small tweaks while others will take us in completely new formats (the overall message and philosophy of WellPreserved will remain unchanged).  Our sole focus with these changes is to make the site more usable, accessible and enjoyable for our community.

New Features on WellPreserved

  1. The SEARCH function has returned.  That’s it up in the top right!
  2. RSS readers are supported once again (don’t worry about that if you have no idea what that means).  It’s under the search bar.
  3. 100% of content is back into categories (I had fallen slightly off the wagon with that one)
  4. An interactive breadcrumb trail now exists.  You’ll see it just above the title of this post at the top.  You can easily find other related posts by clicking items in the breadcrumb (it’s like a table of contents).  This is really handy for recipes and our preserving posts.  If you’re reading about fermenting Sauerkraut, the breadcrumbs will allow you to click and see all our fermenting recipes without having to search! (You can check that out on our Sauerkraut post)
  5. Our site has been sped up (though it may seem a bit slower in the first 24 hours).
  6. The bottom of each post (including past ones) will suggest other related articles.  So if you look at our Mache salad recipe from earlier in the week, you’ll notice it now has 4 links on the bottom – all related to salad or salad dressing posts.
  7. We’re updating some of the post descriptions (and all going forward) so that sharing them on Social Media will give better descriptions of why you’re sharing it (in the past it often shared the first sentence of the article which didn’t give your network a good idea of why you were sharing it).
  8. We’ve shortened the web addresses of all articles to make it easier to link (and make links more readable).  And old links will still work so no need to change the past!
  9. We’ve added some more backend gobblygook to help make things more findable as well as faster.

This article at Windmill Networking was a big help to us discovering some of the tools above.

Let us know your feedback – and any ideas for other improvements that you’d like to see!

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