Overhauling our Newsletter – and Free Jar Labels!

It had been a long night.  I had been out of the house for almost 18 hours and Dana and I were returning from one of our events.  We had a good time at the event and visited with a few friends, traded laughs and memories.  And, while we thoroughly enjoyed the evening, we had put almost 10 hours into organizing an event where four friends showed up.

Overhauling our Newsletter   and Free Jar Labels!

Then Dana asked me one of the toughest questions she’s ever asked;

If this wasn’t our event, would you go?

My heart sunk a little.  I’m never disappointed to hang out with friends; but there’s easier way to hang out with them than to arrange an event.  I didn’t have to answer the question, I knew the answer was no.

We spent some time brainstorming and creating an event that we would want to go to.  One that we would cross the city for after a busy night.  One that we loved.  And, while it’s in it’s early days, the first two ‘new’ HomeEcs have been well received (our HotSauce tasting had more than 80 attendees and our Craft Beer Salon, which we will recap later today, had more than 100).  We still have lots to learn but we now know our objective is simple: to create events that we’d cross the city for and hope others might too.

And this brings me to our newsletter.

This weekend will mark the 56th edition of ‘We Are WellPreserved.’  It’s been a lot of fun; but I wouldn’t cross the city to read it!

Our new vision for the newsletter has two goals:

  1. To make it much more compelling to read, use and share
  2. To make it a resource that you can refer to in the future.

So, starting this weekend, we’re going to try a new format.  We’ll still keep some of the features from before but we are going to wrap a theme (generally a seasonal ingredient) around each issue.  From there we’re going to pack it with links and resources so you can get preserving or cooking that ingredient right now.

For example, this weekend, we’re going to share 25 ways to preserve carrots.  Included in the newspaper will be:

  • at least 25 links to carrot preserving recipes on many different websites.  A round-up of posts will be a significant part of the newsletter in this format; we know that many of you like the convenience of quickly scanning posts that have been curated for you and we love to share the love with other blogs and sites who are doing great work.
  • Links to carrot related posts from our pasts (including the nefarious ‘orange-ification of carrots, links to past reviews of our favorite peelers and other carrot-related items)
  • Some other carrot-related posts.

The idea is to create a one-stop reference for now and the future; if you’re looking for carrot ideas, here’s the place to start.

Next weekend we’ll move to a different ingredient or theme (i.e. different styles of preserving, types of cuisine, etc).

We’ve also upgraded our mail package and it will allow us to do things that we couldn’t do before – like automatically give you free labels when you sign up to the newsletter!  As soon as you register for the newsletter, the system will send you a link so that you can print the labels in the picture above (Dana designed them).  If you’re a previous subscriber you’ll recognize that w sent this link to you a few times (including this week) so our ‘veterans’ aren’t missing out on anything. Overhauling our Newsletter   and Free Jar Labels!

We’d love your feedback, ideas and requests for topics/ themes (fire us an email or leave them in the comments)!

And, if you want to sign-up, you can do so here:


  1. Your upgrade sounds great and I love carrots!

  2. like the idea of the upgrade, like the idea of taking a good hard look and asking that good hard question.
    you might want to revisit the bottom of the email you sent, though – it has a bunch of mailchimp gobbledegook and no link to sign up….Id include a screen capture but I don’t think I can here.

  3. Learning, growth, change – good for you guys for always moving forward. I’ve been enjoying your newsletters and look forward to the new look. And, thank you for the free labels. Here’s a little look at how I used them. http://www.gettystewart.com/what-would-you-like-to-know-about-drying-or-dehydrating-fruits-veggies-and-herbs/

  4. I kept trying to enter email and subscribe and it wasn’t working…. ellen at eatmorsel.com — did it come thru?

  5. Just don’t go toooooo far from your roots. Sometimes when blogs try to appeal to a mass audience, the voice that made it good gets lost in the process. You guys have a great voice.

    • haha! Thanks Kyle – we’re open to feedback so if you think we get off track, let us know!

      I have a feeling we’ll stay pretty close to on-track; I’m more of a stream-of-consciousness writer than a craftsman so, unless my subconscious gets considerably off-track we should sound pretty similar.

      But if that’s not the case, fire me an email and I’ll gladly have an open mind!

      I LOVE comments like this; thanks!


  6. Tried to sign up, nothing happens when I click Subscribe. I tried…really. I love your site, and visit it quite regularly. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year. I’ve already noted a few carrot recipes I want to try.

    • Hi April,

      Thank you for letting me know – I’ve just reprogrammed it; am hopeful it works for you now? Sorry for the inconvenience!

      Thank you for the kind words and glad you found some carrot ideas! It’s going to be a fun year and am excited for what’s ahead too!

  7. Lisa R. says:

    Looking forward to seeing more! It’s hard to please all people all of the time! We enjoy your material greatly, but for us, it would be so much more than a trip across town. :-)

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