Our Newest Crock: 20 Gallon Ceramic Monstercrock

I’ll come clean about the title of this post: I made up the term monstercrock.  But it seemed to fit:

Our Newest Crock: 20 Gallon Ceramic Monstercrock November massive crock Fermenting Crock CrockThe crock arrived in the early fall after a chain of test messages from friends.  They had been visiting family at their cottage when a neighbor offered them this beast and they, with his permission, offered it to us.

It’s a giant vessel.  I believe it to be 20 gallons based on the number on the side (and it’s size).  The photo on the left gives you an idea of the scale when you consider the bumper is on an SUV.

Ideally we would store this in a cold cellar where it could openly store a large quantity of kraut, kimchi, pickles or other fermented goods.  The cold would prevent it from fermenting further.

The size of the pot would certainly allow for a giant amount of fermentation.

What would you make in a giant crock like this?


  1. I would love to have one of them for making

  2. Sorry i hit the enter
    I would love to have one of them for making Wine

  3. Pickles (and/or carrots) … Because 20 Gallons of kraut is VERY intimidating to both, eat, and to make.

  4. My mother in law made saurkraut in a crock as big as that. It had a thick round board for the top and a heavy stone. Even so, the kids could sneak samples.

  5. Would love it…my father had 4 of similar sized ones! Every summer they were filled with sour cherries for wine making. Just thinking about it I can smell them fermenting!

  6. Fantastic acquisition! I would love to have one that size for brined pickles, kraut, and soured whole heads of cabbage for cabbage rolls. Might interesting to make a mega batch of rhumtopf starting in Spring and finishing in the Autumn. Very envious guy here.

  7. Oh, man. Drool! I’ve always had a fascination with ceramic crocks, even before I got into pickling/ fermenting. I’d love one of these for cucumber pickles. I made 40lbs of vinegar dills this year but really want to try fermenting them next year. I don’t have a big enough container though.

    So great!

  8. ZOMG, that is gigantic! Would it maybe work for the traditional kimchi method–making massive batches and then burying them for months? I guess not, with that handle, but still. Maybe I’m just enjoying the thought of a year’s worth of kimchi a little too much…

  9. Well…dang!! that looks like just the perfect size for brining a turkey or some wild game?? Google up Emerils’ turkey brine recipe.

  10. ;-)
    fill it with cookies. My Daughter would sneak THOSE! tee hee

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