Our 10 Most Popular Posts During 2012

Greetings all!

Today’s post is a listing of the most popular articles on our site from the last year.  This list comprises posts from the last 4 years and lists the popularity from least-to-most popular in 2012.

10. How to Strain Yogurt (i.e. Make Greek Yogurt) April 4, 2012.  The popularity of this article is largely due to a trickle-down effect from Marisa of Food in Jars.  She had an amazing post on homemade yogurt (made in mason jars) that linked to this post.  Her post received a lot of deserved attention and her link helped us out a lot.  Thanks Marisa!
9. Thinking of buying a pressure canner? May 25, 2010.  I am happy this post received a lot of views – more and more people are expanding their preserving repertoire and pressure canning has definitely increased this year.
8. Different Types of Fermentation: The Difference Between Wild Fermentation and Lactofermentation March 21, 2012.  Speaking of expanding techniques, fermenting is definitely on the rise.  I struggled with this terminology for a long time and had misunderstood the terms for several years before learning the differences.
7. Dehydrated Watermelon and Dehydrated Cantaloupe August 31, 2011.  This remains one of the more interesting things we’ve made with the dehydrator – but it’s not my favorite.  I like the end results but find them very, very sweet.  I have met a lot of children who disagree with me and really like them.
6. Possibly the Best Homemade Gnocchi (Recipe) February 4, 2012.  I love that this post received the attention it did – it was written on my Mother’s birthday!  I’m also a big fan of gnocchi; and this recipe is a go-to in my house.
5. Canning tomato sauce – time to jar, Tomato September 13, 2009.  The only post from 2009 – which is ironic because many of the better articles I’ve written were near the beginning of this project when I was writing about things I had studied or experimented with for years; I quickly ran out of any ‘legacy’ knowledge and most posts these days are on newer experiments (which presents other benefits).
4. Possibly the Best Lactofermented Hot Sauce (with Whey) April 18, 2012. I am a hot sauce junkie and adore fermenting these days too (we always have something bubbling away in the house).  Using whey was a new addition for us this year and it’s one I really love.
3. How to Make Ginger Beer (Fermentation Recipe) November 30, 2011.  I adore everything about ginger beer.  This recipe is pure love and a great intro to fermenting.
2. Banana Chips – How to Dehydrate Bananas May 9, 2011.  I feel odd that this recipe is so popular – while we aren’t 100% local, the exceptions that come into our kitchen are items I consider near-essential such as olive oil, lemon, pepper and coffee.  Although these banana chips are good (we still have some in our pantry from 2011), we haven’t bought a banana since.
1. Possibly the Best Homemade Calzone Recipe (Technique) Ever May 11, 2011.  The popularity of this post always astounds me; we still use this recipe and technique when baking calzone (and it really does keep the crust non-soggy).

It is a bizarre coincidence that the two most popular posts were published two days apart!

What types of posts would you like to see?


  1. dixiebelle says:

    The hunting series are my favourites, although I know your readership goes down then, but they show an amazing level of honesty, compassion, understanding, insight, emotion, and awareness of limitations. I like reading about the comraderie, the respect for the animal and nature.

    I also really appreciate the pressure canning ones, as we bought our own this year, and the fermentation posts, which I have really started doing this year.

    Thank you for providing such great information, working hard to promote preserving, and bringing the preserving community together. Here’s to a wonderful 2013 too!

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