No Knead to Worry – Dana Takes Her Turn…

There are different kinds of ‘food people’…there’s definitely two different kinds in our house…. one that takes glory in hours spent in the kitchen…hands and pots and pans dirty, creating and crafting, experimenting and providing (i’ll let you guess which one that is)…and one who if left to her own devices (ie. the other being away on frequent business trips), will take 5 minutes to make steamed vegetables (brussel sprouts!) and toast for dinner, every night. One can open the refrigerator and see possibilities, a veritable paint palette of flavors…the other can stare into this cold cavern and come up blank, nothing…white sheet of paper and nothing to draw.

I love food, but to me it’s largely a spectator sport…I love watching Joel in the kitchen, he’s in his element, I watch, he talks…and I daresay I’ve picked up a few thinks along the way, but in no way feel like I could play in the big he could.

No Knead to Worry   Dana Takes Her Turn... Flour February Cooking Recipes

In fact…I recently faced a word that in my vocabulary…is one of the scarier ones (or two)….Pot. Luck.

It’s a great idea, get together friends…everyone brings something to the table to share along with catching up and stories. Friends. Food. Stories…what’s better than that right? But on getting an invitation… immediate blank …’what to make’!! For years I was the girl who brought the dinner rolls (pre Joel) and would occasionally attempt a salad…since Joel has been around I haven’t had to worry, ‘our’ contributions have always been fantastic, life of the party, unique and interesting and well rounded.

This week, I was looking forward to a Pot Luck with a group of friends that hadn’t been together in a long time – great idea Diana -  we all used to work together, but in recent years have gone in separate directions. It’s pretty rare that everyone is available on the same night. So I had this dueling feeling of excitement and trepidation…what do I make!!! ack! Pot. Luck.

So the dinner roll girl made bread. I’ve been watching Joel make no knead bread for years and enjoyed every piece. I even gave cast iron pots and the ingredients as a basket gift to people for Christmas one year….complete with a nicely designed index card with the simple instructions on it. But have I ever made it myself? ….no. Such a sad admission for someone who lives/eats/and breathes with this blog every day.  But (insert whining, justifying tone…) Joel LOVES cooking, who am I to take that away from him, I wouldn’t want him sticking his nose in the middle of one of my design projects and asking to take over!

But I thought, bread. simple. warm. cozy. I can handle it….and I did….and it was even easier and more fun than picking up dinner rolls!!! No stressful staring into the cupboard, no running around forgetting ingredients…I couldn’t even easily burn it. I brought it to the Potluck….still warm and it was…yum. Everyone loves fresh bread,  with a little selection of cheeses from Nancy’s I picked up on the way home from a meeting.

So maybe I can inspire another armchair, backseat, sideline cook to give it a go…all by yourself. Let me know.


  1. Your bread was indeed the highlight of the evening! I’m savouring the last piece right now for breakfast. Maybe I’ll try it one day! Nah, I’ll just have another potluck and have you bring it over….lol

  2. Nana Rose would be so proud!!!!!

  3. YAY! Dana! It really is easy-peasy bread!

  4. LOL!

    After reading the endorsements I will now HAVE to give it a go.

    (You see a thumbs up from a Mom and that just says it ALL)

    Be well you guys,

  5. Fabulous. My best friend (read: live-in-chef) started making this recipe with preserved cherries rolled up inside. If you rise it overnight, all you have to do is wake up and throw it in the oven.

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